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Find Background Information
Background Information can save you tons of time by giving a big-picture, general overview of your topic that will help you learn about major aspects of your topic, help you create good search keywords and make it easier to pick a specific controversy within that topic. Here are some good places to start:
Find Articles
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases



Can't find the Article? 
Follow to see if it is available in another database or in print in the library.
Find Books - Library Catalog
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Library Catalog

  • Start with a keyword search to find books on your topic
  • Follow useful Subjects to find more books on the topic. Useful subject headings for this class might be, for instance:
  • Hispanic Americans Politics and Government
  • Tip:   Search inside books using GoogleBooks and then check the Library Catalog to see if we have the book.
Get Help
Contact the course librarians:

AJ Johnson

Margo Gutierrez - Librarian for U.S. Latin@ Studies

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