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Mobile Access to Library Resources
Access a complete list of library databases featuring mobile platforms on the Libraries website

lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases > Mobile Access link on the left-hand side of the screen

Some of these resources are featured below.  All platforms vary in terms of whether or not they provide full-text access or just citations. 
Mobile sites
  • Wolfram alpha:  (m.wolframalpha.com) - great for quick calculations and comparisons of data depending on your search terms. Compare sales tax across states and cities, location-based star charts, and even salary or population data. (or download the $1.99 smartphone app)
  • Encyclopedia Britannica mobile (m.eb.com) - in-depth articles on wide-ranging topics with links to referenced topics. Includes illustrations and photographs from the library of congress and getty images. 
  • StatRef! (online.statref.com/mobile) - iPhone and iPad users only. Receive the same full-text access to key medical references and textbooks, but on your mobile phone; must be connected to UT Austin's restricted network to work.
Downloadable Apps (all free unless otherwise noted)
  • Google Earth: Fly around the world in 3D viewing terrain, topography, and borders as well as location-based information such as images, businesses, and Wikipedia entries. 
  • Wikipanion: The power (and speed) of Wikipedia in your pocket. Access millions of articles, with enhanced features such as emailing or tweeting an article, as well as book marking sections or navigating longer entries by table of contents categories.
  • History: maps of the world: High quality maps throughout history. 
  • Medscape: Information from WebMD about diseases and conditions, drug references and interactions and the latest medical news.
  • Musee De Louve and Museum of Modern Art: Classical and contemporary works of art from two of the world's most famous art musuems. View works upclose with detailed artist and work information or go on a virtual tour of the exhibit. 
  • NASA: Explore NASA mission information, live streaming of the NASA TV public channel, image and astronomy picture of the day and more.
  • The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition: The periodic table of elements at your fingertips including masses, densities, melting & boiling points, radii, and electronegativities.
  • DailyCalcs: Turns your mobile device into a science calculator to simplify everyday tasks in the lab; calculate mass, volume, convert units and more.
  • WolframAlpha Course Assistants($1.99/course app): Put the power of WolframAlpha behind your coursework. Beginning with Algebra, Calculus and Music Theory, these apps will help calculate, graph, and even playpack your input. More courses in the works. 
Mobile sites:
Downloadable Apps (all free unless otherwise noted)
  • Stanza - Read out-of-copyright works or purchase in-copyright books through an online seller. Features include bookmarking, annotation, sharing via social networks, and interface customization. 
  • Classics2Go - Classics lover? This app includes over 60 classic works from Twain, Shelley, Austen and more. 
  • Kindle App - Brought to you by Amazon, this app enables you to preview and read over 600,000 ebooks. While some are available for free because of copyright expirations, many are only available for a fee.
Library Databases and Journals
Mobile sites
  • ARTstor: http://library.artstor.org: Provides read-only features such as searching, browsing, zooming, and viewing saved image groups, in addition to the new the quiz-like Flashcard View. Must be registered to use this mobile app and only works with the Safari web browser.
  • EBSCOHost Mobile (includes Academic Search Complete): http://m.ebscohost.com/ : Includes basic searching, HTML and PDF full text, limiters, image collection and quick view, email delivery of articles (especially useful if full text is not available), and multi-database searching.
  • WilsonWeb Mobile : Access to Wilson databases such as Art Abstracts, Education Full Text, Reader's Guide Retrospective, and more.
  • PubMed for Handhelds Website: http://pubmedhh.nlm.nih.gov  Search MEDLINE/PubMed. Includes PICO search, which stands for Patient/Problem, Intervention, Compared to, and Outcome, a method used for structuring clinical questions. View abstracts of articles published in the journals that make up PubMed's core clinical journals subset. Apps also available for Android and iPod Touch/iPhone with varying levels of access.
  • MedLine Plus Mobile: http://m.medlineplus.gov Includes summaries for over 800 diseases, wellness topics, the latest health news, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, and information on prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  • IEEE Explore Mobile Digital Library: http://ezproxy.lib.utexas.edu/login?url=http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/mobile/  Conduct simple searches, view up to 10 article abstracts per search, and e-mail yourself a link to view the full article.
  • Cambridge Journals Online: Provides full text for journals published by Cambridge University Press. Includes titles in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Go through the Libraries website for full text access.
  • Library PressDisplay: 60-day archive of U.S. and international newspapers. Access through the Libraries website. Database resolves to mobile interface.
  • JSTOR Mobile Beta, http://mobile.jstor.org: "Best used for searching JSTOR while you're on the go, and then emailing the citations to yourself so you can read the articles later on a computer." 
  • Scifinder Mobile, http://scifinder.cas.org/mobile:  Log in using your existing SciFinder account username/password. Click here for account setup details. Simplified version of SciFinder, offering access to Chemical Abstracts database and other tool for research in chemistry. More on features and limitations.
Free Downloadable Apps
  • Nature.com: Access titles and abstracts for all Nature and Nature News content through the app.  Paid individual subscription required for total access to full text content.
  • Arxiv e-Print Archive: The arXiv, hosted at arXiv.org by the Cornell University Library, stores over a half million e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Sciences, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, and Statistics.
  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) This Week: Access recent articles published online in the last 7 days, including research, reviews, commentary, and case materials, as well as other multimedia news content.
  • iResearch (American Institute of Physics): Access and download articles from the journals of the AIP.
  • IOPscience express (Institute of Physics):  View and download articles that have been published in IOP-owned journals over the last two years.  Users can download up to 20 articles per month for free to their iPhone or iPod Touch.
Citation and Document Management
Downloadable Apps (all free unless otherwise noted)
  • Read It Later: Save web content to read later, online or offline.  Synch across devices and computers.
  • Instapaper: Similar to Read It Later, but with fewer available tools for browser integration.
  • Dropbox (App and Website): Access files uploaded to your Dropbox no matter where you are. Upload, synch, and share files easily across devices and computers.
  • Mendeley Reference Manager Lite: Reference management software that indexes and organizes all of your PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital library. Combines citation management features with PDF storage.  Share collections with other users.  "Like ITunes for research papers."  App features some but not all of the features in the full product available at http://www.mendeley.com/.
  • Papers ($14.99): Similar to Mendeley, but full product developed for Macs.  Large install -- recommends having 100MB of available space on your device for storage.
University of Texas On-the-Go
Mobile sites
Free Downloadable Apps
  • University of Texas Official App : News, events, sports information, and more.  Search the directory, access a campus map, and find the shuttle stop nearest your current location.
Podcasts and Lectures on the Go
  • YouTube EDU: Access official videos of lectures, events, and other educational materials posted by institutions.
  • iTunes U: Lectures, interviews, and more provided by educational institutions and hosted in the iTunes store.
  • TED Mobile App: TED is a small nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading" with the goal of bringing people together around ideas related to technology, entertainment, and design. Watch the latest videos from TED conferences on the go, organized by Themes, Talks and Tags.
  • OpenCulture App (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad): Educational video and audio collections. Download over wifi. Free audio books, university courses, foreign language lessons, podcast, lectures, and more.
Mobile Set-up Help
Can't connect to UT's wifi on your mobile device? UT's Information and Technology Services (ITS) provide excellent support for configuring your mobile device for authenticated access.

Visit their FAQ pages or get live help from the ITS Help Desk via phone or instant message. 
QR Codes
QR, short for quick response, codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are readable by scanners that can be installed on smart phones and other mobile devices. Codes can be embedded with text, web links, contact information, videos, and more.

Already integrated into the everyday fabric in Japan, they are just starting to catch on here in the U.S., so keep an eye out for these little codes. They're the perfect way to bridge your analog life with your digital research.

View a video describing QR Codes in more depth or download a QR reader (free!) for your smartphone. Then test it out with one of the library's QR codes!

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