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Carolyn Cunningham
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Find Articles
Start here: www.lib.utexas.edu > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases

Where to look for Scholarly Articles in Psychology

See all Psychology-related databases

Where is the Article?
If the article isn't full text in the database you are searching, follow
to see if it is available in another database or in print in the library.
Pro Tips for Limiting Search Results
Before you click Search, consider these Search Options:
  • Publication type: Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Age Group (of participants studied): choose based on your topic
  • Document type: Journal Articles


After you enter keywords and click Search, limit results:

  • Set a date range or sort by date 
  • Avoid book reviews by choosing a Source Type (ex. Peer-Reviewed Journals) 
  • Click References Available box


Once you click on a title to find out more:

  • Check out the "Subjects," these are the words use to describe the main topics of the article; use these in your searches
  • Look at the source, or publication title. Check Ulrich's to make sure it is refereed/peer-reviewed
  • Read the abstract. Is this relevant to your topic?