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Subject Specialist
Picture: Elise Nacca

Elise Nacca
Library Instruction Serv - LA 2
Tel: (512) 495-4361

Picture: Krystal Wyatt-Baxter

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter
Instruction & Assessment Librarian
Tel: (512) 495-4144

Introduction to the Edit-a-thon
Today's event is designed to introduce new Wikipedians to the basics of contributing to one of the largest open educational resources in the world.  We'll provide a brief overview of editing existing entries and creating new entries.  We'll then be available to support you in making edits that you'd like to contribute.

The three librarians can get you started and will be especially helpful as you track down references  Our expertise is problem solving and we'll use the available documentation in Wikipedia to answer many of your questions. We expect others in the room have valuable experience to contribute as well and hope you'll support each other, too.

All of the content below is sourced from the Wikpedia help documentation.
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Basic Editing of Existing Entries
Adding References to Existing Entries
Creating a New Entry
Ideas for Editing
Ways to begin
  • Get started by fixing spelling and grammar, improving clarity, or adding links to connect articles.
  • The Community portal includes lists of editing tasks you can work on including adding images, fixing links, and more.
  • Template messages\Cleanup: These messages are used to notify other editors that an entry could use some work.
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