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S W 327 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment


How to Use This Guide

This guide has been customized for S W 327 coursework. Check out the tabs on the left for your best bet resources and starting points. 

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Required Texts

What is a Research Question?

A research question is what forms and guides your literature review. It is the question that you want the literature to answer for you. A research question should be specific, focused, and concise.

To develop a research question, start with a general topic of interest to you. You'll want to do some preliminary and background research on this topic to think through what specific questions you might have.


Sample Topic: separation of immigrant children from their parents

Sample Research Question: What psychological impact does family separation have on immigrant children separated from parents at the border?

Sample Thesis: The current literature shows that family separation can result in PTSD and other adverse mental health effects among immigrant children separated from their parents at the border.


Need more guidance on developing your topic into a research question? Check out this video from the library at Northern Kentucky University.


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