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UGS 302: New World/Old World Encounters - Guernsey & Johns


Welcome to the UT Libraries

This short video will introduce you to many of the services and materials the Libraries provide to UT students. 

In-Class Activities

*Note - some groups will look at article 1 and 2, some will look at 1 and 3.

Take a minute to read a little bit of each article quietly on your own (you won't be able to read all of the articles during class, but you should be able to understand what the article is about) and look through the article, noticing their structure, vocabulary and other characteristics you think are important.

Then, talk about the following at your table (be ready to discuss with the larger group):

  1. What would you call each of these articles (or what type of article is each one)? How do you know?
  2. Who wrote each of these articles? Who published them? Why do we care?
  3. What do you know about how each of these articles was created? Why does that matter?
  4. Are these articles credible? What questions do you ask yourselves to help decide this?
  5. Are these articles appropriate to use in your presentation/paper assignment? Why or why not?

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