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2020 Graduate Research Showcase



The University of Texas Libraries and the Office of Graduate Studies will host the Fourth Annual Graduate Research Showcase on October 29th. The Graduate Research Showcase is an electronic poster session in which UT graduate students have the opportunity to practice presenting their work, receive feedback about their research, and e-meet other graduate student scholars. This year we will also welcome creative contributions, such as music, art work, performances.


Image source: Arbino, D. TexLibris. (2017: November 16). Graduate Research Showcase 2017.

Event Details

  • Thursday, October 29, 2019, 1:00-3:30 pm
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Each presenter will have 10 minutes to explain their work/poster and respond to questions
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions and fill out a feedback form for each presenter

New posters and posters previously accepted at disciplinary conferences will be considered. Incomplete work is acceptable, but must include a research question and proposed methodology, at minimum.

Each presenter will have a timed presentation slot, via a schedule. We would like to present disciplines together, if at all possible.

All posters must be in electronic format. Presenters will receive poster specifications once their submission proposals are accepted. We strongly suggest using the Better Scientific poster as your template. 

Want to present?

Submit here: 
by 5:00pm, October 16, 2020

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