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MAN 347P Consumer Products Entrepreneurship Practicum - Murphy


There are different approaches to figure out market sizing:
  • ​​Look for reported numbers in analyst reports (i.e. number of customers reported by competitors, market share, revenue)
  • ​Compile both competitor revenue and number of customers

​A few questions to ask when sizing the market:

  • Does the market consist of business (B2B) or consumers (B2C)?
  • Does the market organize itself by product, by segment, geography, or other?
  • ​What is the total market size (Total Addressable Market - TAM), the portion of TAM which your company's product and/service address (Serviceable Available Market - SAM), and the portion of SAM which your company can capture besides your competitors (Serviceable Obtainable Market - SOM)?

​To get started, you can get familiarized with the target industry and the major players by exploring the Industry Research Guide. You can also conduct market research following the instructions within this guide.



Google for presentations and white papers. 

  • Search file or topic and add .ppt or .pdf

    • example:  fuel cell and .pdf​

  • Locate information about an industry or market using a Google search for organizations or associations.

    • ​example:  "beverage distributor and .org" results will contain the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) or the Brewers Association, etc...

Company, Country & Industry Research

Country Research Guide

  • Doing Business In..... Guides For Starting A Business In Other Countries
  • Economic Information By Country
  • Industry Information By Country
  • Market & Investment Potential
  • Political Risk

Company Research Guide

  • Analyst Reports
  • Annual Reports & SEC Filings
  • Company Information
  • Competitors
  • Corporate Structure
  • SWOT Analyses

Industry Research Guide

  • Industry Classification
  • Industry Competition
  • Industry Profiles
  • Industry Reports
  • Ratios & Statistics
  • Trade Information

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All consultations will be conducted online using Zoom until further notice.

Please send all questions about class assignments, database resources or research projects via email.

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