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MAN 347P Consumer Products Entrepreneurship Practicum - Murphy

Demographics & Target Markets

Demographic Survey Data

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Consumer surveys may contain attitudes, attributes, consumption, preferences or product claims by demographics.

NOTE: Only reports dated 2015 - present will have a "Data Book" report that includes comprehensive product use and consumer behavior data in EXCEL format.

Demographic Reports & Tables

About 20 percent of the total data in Statista comes from sources available free online, such as the World Bank and the U.S. Census, but the data also includes numerous exclusive sources which include industry, marketing, and trade groups. Much of the data is related to marketing, demographic, government and industry information, and is international in scope. Data can be downloaded in JPG, PowerPoint and Excel.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a compilation of social, political and economic statistics. The focus is on national data, but some tables cover regions, states, cities, and comparative international statistics. Each table identifies the source of the data. Tables can be downloaded in xls or pdf format.

Census Resources

Provides population, housing, industry, economic, and geographic data and maps from the U.S. Bureau of the Census.

Users can examine geographic areas while selecting the type of data to be shown, such as population density or income level. The corresponding data tables are also available.

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