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UGS 303: Public Health & Latina/o/x Expressive Culture - Minich


In-Class Activity

Video pause one: Open source one, read a bit of it, notice the characteristics of the source (could be things like length, language, etc.) Think about what type of source this is, and what you could take away from a source like this one for your research assignment. You can use Google and this guide if you need more information ( (3-5 minutes)


Guide Overview

Use this guide to help you with your research assignment for this course. The tools and resources you find here can help you with other coursework and projects here at UT. You'll find the following in this guide: 

  • How to start your research by finding background information and developing keywords
  • How to find information such as articles and books
  • How to evaluate your sources
  • How to get help

Remember you can always ask librarians for help! Contact me or click the Chat with Us link to get immediate help from a librarian. 


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