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UGS 303 - Modern Day Slavery - Prof. Melton


What are these library sessions all about?

During the semester, I'll visit your class 3 times - the first time during lecture and twice during your discussion sections. I'll update the guide each time. If you're wondering why you're going to spend so much time with a librarian, that is a great thing to wonder. Over the course of the semester, I will get you started doing college-level research. Look at the box below to see what our learning goals are.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • I am here to help you learn and I understand that doesn't work the same way for everyone, and that a few hours isn't long enough to do more than get started. So, please reach out for help during and after class and use this guide often.
  • I do my best to foster an inclusive classroom environment to ensure that all of you are respected, safe and supported in your learning. If you do not feel that way for any reason, I hope you will let me know so I can do something about it.

Learning Goals for Sessions and this Guide

1. organizing your research and avoiding plagiarism (1st session)

2. tips for picking a topic (1st session)

3. how to create an effective search strategy to find the information you need (2nd and 3rd sessions)

4. how to find and use tools to search for sources you will use (2nd and 3rd sessions)

5. how to evaluate the sources you find so you are using the most credible and appropriate sources for your research project (2nd and 3rd sessions)

6. how to get help from experts in research, writing and public speaking (2nd and 3rd sessions)

Pre-Survey Results

I've Asked a Librarian for Help Before46.7% true, 37.8%false and 15.6% don't remember

What did you ask for help with?

wordclous showing book was the most popular response

How much do you agree with this statement? "I am concerned that I could accidentally plagiarize."

11.6% strongly agree, 55.8% agree, 14% neutral, 16.3% disagree, 2.3% strongly disagree

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