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TC 302: Prof. Walker - Mental Health

How to get the most out of this guide

What is this guide all about?

This guide will support you as you work in your group to research and write your recommendations.

Step 1: Your first step should be to Create a Group Project Collaboration Hub. It will keep you organized in a dedicated online collaboration space - bonus is that it also formats your citations.

Step 2: You'll want to look into what is currently in place at UT and, if possible, how UT students are faring in terms of mental health.

Step 3: You'll spend most of your research time looking for information to help you decide upon and support your recommendations. Obviously you'll want to Google to find examples of what has been done elsewhere that might be applicable to the situation at UT. You will want to find scholarly sources, too, to support the why and how of your recommendations since scholarly sources are considered excellent evidence in higher education environments.

I'm here to help you with your research, and there is also help for writing and public speaking. 

Check out the Things to Know.. page to get a quick overview of library services and resources you may want to take advantage of while you're here at UT.

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