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TC 302: Prof. Walker - Educational Disparities group


About the Guide

This guide will support you in your topic research. Most pages contains tips and tools specific to finding resources related to educational disparities for first-generation college students. The last two pages provide services and tools to help you cite your sources and get help presenting your work to others, both in writing and in a presentation.

I'm Here to Help

I am the librarian for this course and have worked with Professor Walker for years. I welcome and encourage you to reach out with any questions you have. While this guide is here to get you started, it isn't necessarily going to get you all the way. If you are having trouble at any step of your research, don't struggle - just reach out and ask. I would love to help you!

How Can a Librarian Help?

Librarians are available to help with every step of the research process. We are information professionals and love working with students to connect you with the information you need. We can help you:

  • choose a research topic or find a research question
  • broaden or narrow your topic
  • find sources, whether they are books, articles, maps, music, data, etc. We can help you do great searches using Libraries tools and search engines like Google. 
  • evaluate sources. Is it credible? Is it peer-reviewed? etc.
  • recommend tools for organizing your research and citations..


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