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Preserving Web Sites using WinHTTrack

How to use WinHTTrack to create dehydrated, navigable, offline copies of web sites.

Step 4: Preserving your Offline Content

Step 4: Preserving your Offline Content

The next page, the Review Page, you visit will look like this:

Review Page

Figure 8 Review Page

               In my own experience you will not need to do much here, unless you are scraping and downloading a very large website.  You can also save your download settings and trigger the download at a later time if you wish.  Click the Finish button when you are done and we will begin the preservation process.  WinHTTrack will begin crawling down your web site, downloading assets, and generating mirrored HTML code.  WinHTTrack visualizes this process thusly

Scanning Page

Figure 9 Scanning Page

               If there is content that is taking a particularly long time to download you can select the SKIP button and the scrape will ignore that content this session, but for the most part you can just let the program run in the background.

                Once the scrape is completed you will be brought to this screen:

Figure 10 Finish Screen

                You are now free to review any errors that may have arisen during the process, exit the program, or go straight to your brand new offline site.

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