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BIO 206L- Introductory Laboratory Experiments In Biology - Maas



This guide has been created to support library help for BIO 206L, Dr. Maas. In this course, you will be expected to search in library databases, assess reliable or trustworthy sources, and create an annotated bibliography using APA style. 

Along the left-hand menu, please find links to help pages created for this class. 

  • Finding Articles - this page will help you in searching key databases to locate suitable articles.
  • Trustworthy sources - this page will walk you through some of the basics of evaluating sources.
  • Annotated bibliography - this page will provide details on the creation of an annotated bibliography and an example.
  • APA Style resources - this page will provide brief resources and further guidance for following APA style. 

Need more help? Email the librarian on this page to discuss your topic or set up a one-on-one appointment. 


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Hannah Chapman Tripp
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