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Find the Permalink

Find the Permalink to Paste into the Request Form

Step 1:  From the Libraries website (, click on Books & Media to go to the Library Catalog.

Books & More link on Library home page

Step 2: Search for your book in the Library Catalog.  This example shows a search by title but you can search by author, keyword and more.

shows box with book title to illustrate searching the catalog

Step 3: A list of results will come up.  Find your item in the list and click on the title to go to the full record.

click on item title to go to the full record

Step 4:  Find the permalink icon in the full record.

shows where to find the permalink icon in the full record

Step 5:  When you click on the permalink icon, you have the option to use the "Copy the Permalink to Clipboard" function or to manually copy and paste the Permalink.

option to copy the permalink yourself or use the "copy permalink to clipboard" function

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