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Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections are collections of paper records, photographic material, physical artifacts, and other items used to document the history of a specific individual, group, or organization. These materials are generally created or gathered by the individuals, groups, or organizations over the course of their life time and can include items such as correspondence, financial and legal documentation, business records, family histories, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings.

Not entirely sure how best to describe what manuscript collections are, definitely need to re-write this section. Unsure if there should be a section about TARO/ArchivesSpace and using them to continue a search? Also need to add a line about "this is not a complete lists of relevant collections in our archive" and direct them to TARO? See my comment in the manuscript collection subsection in Music.


  • Amusement Business Photograph Collection, 1959-1972 (5 in.) - Photographs and press releases capture the Ice Capades, Holiday on Ice, Ice Follies, Vienna Eisrevue, Hell Drivers (stunt cars), and circus acts. Included are photographs of Peggy Fleming, Nikita Krushchev meeting Arnold Sloda, Joanne Hydoft and Dick Button, and Tiny Tim.
  • Anzivino (Joseph J.) Collection, 1930-1997 (20 ft., 4 in.) - Correspondence, financial documentation, legal documentation, notes, itineraries, photographs, calendars, publicity kits, programs (1952-1993), telephone logs, player profiles, scrapbooks, and ephemera document Joe Anzivino's management of the Harlem Globetrotters from 1949 to 1994. The collection also collects papers concerning Abe Saperstein, founder of the Harlem Globetrotters and the American Basketball League.
  • Atkinson (Buddy) Collection, 1989-1994 (8 ft., 5 in.) - Buddy Atkinson was an early performer in the sport of Roller Derby and later worked as a promoter. The collection consists of videotapes, promotional materials, performer agreements, press releases, posters of Roller Derby events, and includes artifacts of jackets and skates.
  • Bustin (John) Papers, 1940-1997 (49 ft., 6 in.) - Press releases, drafts of reviews, photographs, correspondence, playbills, and clippings document the life of John Bustin. Bustin was an entertainment reporter who wrote for such publications as The Daily Texan, Texas Ranger, and Austin-American Statesman.
  • Cavalieri (Lincoln "Linc") Collection, 1943-1997 (1 ft., 6 in.) - Legal documentation, subject files, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, newspaper clippings, and printed material document the career of Lincoln Cavalieri, who served as general manager of the Olympia Stadium in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Collins (Tom) Collection, 1959-1964 (6 in. and 24 film reels) - The collection consists of motion picture films, photographs, and programs documenting the career of Tom Collins, an ice skater who became the general manager and vice-president of Holiday on Ice. He was also the owner of the Tour of World Figure Skating Champions.
  • Cunningham (William) Papers, 1958-1996 (27 ft., 6 in.) - Correspondence, publications, pamphlets, surveys, reports, and administration records document William Cunningham's career as a part president of The International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) and as a facilities management consultant.
  • Franz (Robert) State Fair and Theatre Guild Collection, 1994-1997 (43 ft.) - The collection consists of press releases, contracts, scripts, playbills, photographs, audiocassettes, tour schedules, and promotional materials concerning various plays produced by Robert Franz, including State Fair, Shirley Valentine, Stieglitz Loves O'Keeffe, and Driving Miss Daisy.
  • Ice Capades Collection, 1948-1993 (4 in.) - Programs, photographs, and a book document the Ice Capades from 1948 to 1993.
  • Independent Booking Office Records (IBO), 1956-1991 (11 ft., 6 in.) - Correspondence, publications, surveys, financial records, reports, reviews, placards, photographs, and newspaper clippings document the Independent Booking Office, The League of American Theatres and Producers, Inc., American and Canadian Theatres, Touring Theater Productions, and Broadway. The Independent Booking Office is a non-profit organization, sponsored by The League of New York Theatres, Inc. and the Committee of Theatrical Productions to improve conditions for touring road shows.
  • International Association of Venue Managers Records, 1927-2004 (34 ft., 10 in.) - Conference proceedings and meeting transcripts, programs, printed material, newsletters, trade magazines, clippings, oral history tapes, and blueprints document the International Association of Assembly Manages, Inc. The bulk of the material consists of records from the organization's annual conference and trade shows. The records reflect the construction and operation of large multipurpose arenas, theaters, stadiums, and convention centers. Organized in the 1920s as the Association of Auditorium Managers, the organization's membership became international with the inclusion of Canadian facility managers in the 1930s.
  • International Society for the Performing Arts Records, 1948-1998 (6 ft.) - Newsletters, financial documents, minutes, convention materials, correspondence, audiocassettes, and photographs relate to the International Society for the Performing Arts. ISPA is a not-for-profit international organization founded in 1949, which seeks to educate an international network for arts professionals to advance the field of performing arts.
  • International Ticketing Association Records, 1981-2002 (1 ft., 7 in.) - International Ticketing Association (INTIX) newsletters, Box Office Management International (BOMI) newsletters, conference proceedings, correspondence, financial documentation, ephemera, and artifacts document developments within the profession. The association represents 1,200 ticketing professionals in the performing arts, theater, entertainment, professional sports, and college and university athletics.
  • Justice (William Dean) Papers, 1972-2000 (1 ft., 6 in.) - International Association of Assembly Manager membership directories, photographs, newsletters, annual symposium records, committee and board meeting files document the career of William Dean Justice, the retired Director (1976-1990) of the University of Texas Frank C. Erwin Jr. Special Events Center.
  • Lee (Preston) Papers, 1942-2013 (6 ft.) - Books, a poster, negatives, and scrapbooks, containing photographs, articles and clippings, illustrations, programs, brochures, skating guides, travel itineraries, teaching, and miscellaneous skating materials, document Lee’s career as a professional skater and his time spent touring with ice shows.
  • Liegler (Tom) Collection, 1969-1975 (8 in.) - Correspondence, contracts, lease agreements, blueprints, press kits, specifications, and newspaper clippings relate to the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Tom Liegler was a facilities consultant on the Louisiana Superdome from 1969 to 1975.
  • Miller (Lucile) Papers, 1929-2011 (5 ft, 3 in.) - Composed of correspondence, programs, photographs, publications, printed materials, legal and financial documents, magazines, newspaper clippings, posters, film, LPs, and rosters, the collection chronicles Miller’s career as a professional ice skater as well as a manager of Holiday on Ice and the Ice Capades.
  • Minchew (Robert J.) Houston Astrodome Engineering and Architectural Collection, 1928-1990 (21 ft.) - Construction files, research files, legal documents, financial documents, newspaper clippings, films, magazines, photographs, drawings, blueprints, and correspondence document the career of Robert J. Minchew and his work on the Houston Astrodome and other construction projects.
  • Moseley (Carl) Skating History Collection, 1948-1984 (1 ft.) - The collection consists of souvenir programs from Holiday on Ice and assorted other ice shows, publicity stills, a draft manuscript, and DVDs with video clips of ice shows.
  • Norton (Clinton) Papers, 1997 (1/2 in.) - Clinton E. Norton was a former Director of the University of Texas Performing Arts Center and Executive Director of the International Society for the Performing Arts. The papers include an autobiography of Norton's personal and professional history, Some Recollections.
  • Oswald (Robert and Helen) Papers, 1917-1930 (9 in.) - Photo albums, business records, comedy material, financial records, advertisements, programs, correspondence, legal files, photographs, and a postcard document the lives of Robert and Helen Oswald. Robert Oswald (1892-1948) and his wife Helen Oswald partnered with Jess and Irene Myers to form the Myers' and Oswald's Comedy Players. The comedy players performed in theaters and tent theaters in small towns and small farming and ranching communities throughout the south in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma in the 1920s.
  • Palmer (Richard) Collection, 1940-1986 (1 ft., 3 in.) - Books, programs, schedules, and photographs document the three companies in the Ice Capades. The first company was started in 1940, the second company was started in 1945, and the third company was started in 1974. Richard Palmer was president of the Ice Capades until 1986.
  • Parkinson (Thomas P.) Collection, 1910, 1931-1932, 1955-1993 (301 ft.) - Correspondence, financial documentation, legal documentation, printed material, audiocassettes, reel to reel film, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, blueprints, architectural drawings, posters, flyers, window cards, photographs, promotional materials, artifacts, and newspaper clippings comprise this collection, which documents the career of a facility manager. Much of the collection focuses on Parkinson's association with the Assembly Hall multipurpose facility at the University of Illinois. Other material reflects Parkinson's term as president of the International Association of Assembly Managers.
  • Saperstein (Abe) Harlem Globetrotters Papers, 1928-1991 (1 ft., 5 in.) - Programs, yearbooks, travel logs, correspondence, subject files, photographs, rosters, and artifacts regarding the Abe Saperstein Foundation and Saperstein estate document Abe Saperstein's career as the founder, promoter, and coach of the Harlem Globetrotters Team. Saperstein also founded the American Basketball League, serving as its first commissioner from 1961-1962, and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1971.
  • Seltzer (Jerry) Collection, 1942-1997 (5 in.) - Newspaper clippings, programs, printed material, and a scrapbook document the career of Jerry Seltzer, who worked as a promoter, movie producer, and ticket entrepreneur with his company Bay Area Seating Systems and his father's (Leo A. Seltzer) development of the Roller Derby.
  • Shipstad (Robert) Collection, 1938-1987 (1 ft., 5 in.) - The collection consists of programs, photographs, media promotion kits, costume design illustrations, and a scrapbook documenting Shipstad's work with Shipstad and Johnson's Ice Follies, Holiday on Ice, the Ice Capades, and Sesame Street on Ice show.
  • Sidney (Jack) Family Papers, 1910-1983 (4 ft., 6 in.) - Financial documentation, correspondence, creative works, printed materials, photographs, film, broadsides, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks document the lives of Jack Sidney, Sr., his wife Irene Sarli, and their son Jack, Jr. The bulk of the collection documents the management by Jack Sidney, Jr. of family touring shows such as Disney of Parade and the Ice Capades.
  • Skinner (Denzil) Collection, 1979-1987 (3 in.) - Correspondence, legal documentation, financial documentation, and newspaper clippings all document the career of Denzil Skinner, owner of the Facility Management Group, Inc. and manager of the Louisiana Superdome.
  • Squires (Art and Barbara) Papers, 1901-1996 (4 ft., 1.5 in.) - Business correspondence, financial documents, legal documents, promotional material, photographs, and printed material document the operations and productions of Art and Barbara Squires' various companies including: Southwest Concerts Inc., Stage Door Associates, Barbara Productions, Art Advertising Agency, and Sixth Street Live, which all promoted a wide variety of major performers, primarily in Texas.
  • Touring Entertainment Industry Oral History Collection, 1986, 1993-1998 (62 sound cassettes). Oral history interviews document the American professional touring entertainment industry, through the personal narratives of entrepreneurs, promoters, architects, facility managers, and individuals associated with the International Association of Assembly Managers. Oral history interviews were conducted by William Dean Justice, former IAAM president, and James Klain. Topics discussed include the development of public assembly facilities, the development of professional sports, the early history of traveling family shows such as ice shows and the Harlem Globetrotters, technical stage and lighting problems, and the International Association of Assembly Managers.
  • University of Texas Frank C. Erwin Special Events Center Records, 1978-2001 (186 ft.) - Subject files, correspondence, legal documentation, financial documentation, event files, and box office files document the Frank C. Erwin Special Events Center at the University of Texas at Austin, which opened in 1977, providing a venue for commencement ceremonies, meetings, banquets, basketball games, professional entertainment, and other activities both public and private.
  • Vee Corporation Archives, 1980-1997 (7 ft., 1 in.) - Proposals, minutes, drafts, scripts, itineraries, clippings, programs, correspondence, promotional and sales kits, videotapes, audiotapes, slides, brochures, and oversize material from arenas and other venues document the Sesame Street Live/Muppet Touring Show and the Muppet Babies Touring Show.
  • Ward (Ray) Collection, 1969-1997 (8 ft.) - Correspondence, minutes, printed material, financial records, and course materials document the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) and the IAAM School for Public Facility Management. Ray Ward was an arena manager, consultant, and president of the International Association of Assembly Managers.

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