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Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript collections are collections of paper records, photographic material, physical artifacts, and other items used to document the history of a specific individual, group, or organization. These materials are generally created or gathered by the individuals, groups, or organizations over the course of their life time and can include items such as correspondence, financial and legal documentation, business records, family histories, scrapbooks, and newspaper clippings. 

Not entirely sure how best to describe what manuscript collections are, definitely need to re-write this section. Unsure if there should be a section about TARO/ArchivesSpace and using them to continue a search? I think it might be helpful. I'm getting a little confused about what we want to put in the Accessing Our Materials and what we want to put in the sections and subsections. Maybe I need to do an outline. Is the description above from the subject guide? No, it's from me. And I'm also a little unsure on the Accessing Our Materials section - I was thinking that we would use it for the basic "here's our reading room, our policies, and Aeon" explanation. I don't really want to go into a lot of detail on format descriptions or access, just the general information. Then each of the format sections can have more detailed info, like the AV stations info I put in that section. Does that clear it up for you?


  • Armadillo World Headquarters Archives, 1971-1980 (40 ft.) - Business records, contracts, talent files, photographs, clippings, printed materials, and demonstration and promotional recordings document the 10 year history of a legendary Austin music venue.
  • Austin Blues Family Tree Video Collection, 1990-1991 (2 ft.) - The collection contains videocassettes featuring interviews, music, photographs, and other footage documenting the life and music of various blues and jazz musicians in Austin.
  • Austin City Limits Oral History Project Records, 2007 (5 in.) - Comprised of subject files, DVDs, and a CD, the collection chronicles the stories of individuals associated with the television program, Austin City Limits. Interviewees include show staff, music journalists and photographs, and musical performers who appeared on the show.
  • Austin Community Concert Association Scrapbooks, 1935-1955 (1 ft.) - Four scrapbooks documenting numerous classical, operatic, and other performances hosted by the Austin Community Concert Association, containing photographs, programs, tickets, membership cards, newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to performances.
  • Boyd (Bill) Papers, 1930-1966 (4 ft.) - Correspondence, clippings, business files and contracts, published and manuscript sheet music, posters, and photographs document Boyd's career as an RCA Victor recording artist and western movie star.
  • Crews (Bert) Austin Punk Music Collection, 1978-1979 (1 in.) - Concert handbills and posters, photographs, newspaper clippings, tickets, and issues of punk music fanzines document the local Austin punk band, the Reversible Cords (known as the Re*Cords). Also represented are the bands the Huns and the Chickadiesels.
  • Davis (John T.) Papers, [ca. 1980s] (8 ft., 1 in.)  -  Audiocassettes, videocassettes, photographs, posers, literary productions, news clippings, and memorabilia document the Texas music scene. Davis is a music journalist, focused primarily on music, music personalities, and culture in Texas and the Southwest.
  • Dean (Stephen) Music Collection, 1976-1996 (1 in.) - The collection consists of 73 concert posters from Antone’s Blues Club in Austin, Texas. Artists featured include Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Barbara Lynn, and Toni Price.
  • Decker (Oscar) Photographs, 1964-2015 (1.5 ft.) - The collection contains 35mm film negatives, photographic prints, and publications and printed materials featuring Decker's commercial photography taken in and around Austin, Texas, as well as a photo essay documenting The Rolling Stones backstage. The photographic images include musicians such as The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Billy Gibbons, Eric Johnson, Julian Lennon, and Rotel and The Hot Tomatoes.
  • De Leon (Bianca) Music Collection, [ca. 1970s]-2004 (3 in.) - Composed of CDs, an LP, reel to reels, and promotional printed material, the collection documents De Leon's musical career as well as music written by Richard J. Dobson and a demo recording by Ned Van Zandt.
  • Dilworth (Coke H.) Photograph Collection, 1972-1977 (4 in.) - Contact sheets and negatives document the Austin, Texas music scene in the mid-1970s, with photographs depicting performances at the Armadillo World Headquarters, as well as the AWHQ staff and some information events.
  • Dodge (William Walter), 1876-1947 (5 in.) - Composed of lyrics, printed material, and minutes, the collection documents gospel music, hymns, folk ballads, and secular music during the U.S. Great Depression, as well as activities of the Church of the Nazarene in Austin, Texas.
  • Eggers (Harold) Collection, ca. 1950s-2016 (7 ft.) - Manuscripts, photographs, and sound and video recordings document the career of Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt, assembled by his long-time road manager and business associate, Harold Eggers.
  • Endres (Clifford) Papers, 1987 (2 in.) - A typescript and a corrected galley proof of the book Austin City Limits, by Endres, comprises the collection, along with a complete deleted chapter from the book. The book recounts the story of the first eleven seasons of the titular show.
  • Erickson (Roky) Papers, 1993-1994 (3 in.) - Three draft copies of Openers II: The Lyrics of Roky Erickson compose the collection, with two drafts containing handwritten notations. Erickson is a musician in Austin, Texas, known for his psychedelic and heavy metal rock styles.
  • Ferguson (Keith) Collection (307 LP records) - 307 LPs of Mexican and Tejano music of South Texas and Northern Mexico collected by Ferguson, a musician. Many of the LPs are early recordings by artists who became key figures in the conjunto and orquesta music of the region.
  • Foley (Blaze) Videotape Archive, 2001-2002 (426 mini DV videotapes, 5 DV cam tapes) - The collection contains raw footage used in the making of Kevin Triplett’s film, Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah, as well as the final DVD version of the finished product. 
  • "Folkus" Music Collection, 1986-1996 (32 ft.) - This collection contains videocassettes featuring interviews and performances of Texas blues musicians, including Robert Shaw, Roosevelt "Grey Ghost" Williams, Lavada "Dr. Hepcat" Durst, H.L. "Blues Boy" Hubbard, T.D. Bell, Erbie Bowser, W.C. Clark, and many others. Also includes interviews with Rod Kennedy, B.B. King, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and Clifford Antone, as well as 2-inch audio tapes of studio sessions.
  • Frazier (Skipper Lee) Papers, 1967-1993 (9.5 ft.) - Personal papers, photographs, audio-visual materials, and clippings document the activities of Houston radio personality, music promoter, and businessman, Skipper Lee Frazier.
  • Fuller (Niles J.) Photograph Collection, 1985-1987 (3 ft.) - The collection consists of photographic portraits of a wide range of Austin musicians created in the mid-1980s as a personal project by photographer Niles Fuller. The subjects also include journalists, producers, artist, and other music industry figures.
  • Gammage (Troupe Earnest, III) Papers, 1981-1998 (10 ft.) - Business papers and newspaper clippings chronicle the professional career and interests of Troupe Earnest Gammage, III. The Austin Music Industry Council represents the largest part of materials in this collection, though Gammage was also instrumental in promoting Austin as a major hub for live music.
  • Govenar (Alan) Collection, [ca. 1950-1991] (1 ft.) - The collection documents Texas music, particularly the history of Texas blues and the contributions of blues and folk artists, and the cultural preservation activities of Documentary Arts, Inc. Included are publications, audio and video recordings of interviews with and performances by Texas musicians and storytellers, format and price lists for film productions, and printed materials related to the programs of Documentary Arts, Inc.
  • Graham (Eric) Video Collection, 1980-1985 (120 video tapes and cassettes) - The collection consists of production footage used in creating various music video clips for state, national, and international broadcast, including the music of The Pool (Patrick Keel), Joe "King" Carrasco, and Omar and the Howlers.
  • Hanners (Doug) Music Collection, 1942-1997 (4.5 ft.) - The collection contains recordings in various formats of mostly Texas artists, as well as correspondence, lead sheets, and other documents, assembled by music historian and collector Doug Hanners. The artists include Roky Erickson and 13th Floor Elevators, Dough Sahm, Willie Nelson, Freddy Fender, and others.
  • Howard (Virginia M.) Collection, 1941, 1950-1995 (6 ft.) - The collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, monographs, periodicals, photographs, sheet music, and audio and video materials that document the history and musical life of Moravians in the United States.
  • Johnston (Bob) Collection, ca. 1950s-1980s (50 ft.) - The collection includes commercial recordings, studio masters, biographical materials, articles, correspondence, contracts, and photographs documenting the career of legendary "super-producer" Bob Johnston, whose long list of credits includes Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, and Aretha Franklin.
  • Jones (Glenn W.)-Smith (Gary) Collection, [ca. 1920s-1980s] (ca. 1100 items) - Consisting of LP record albums, the collection includes jazz, blues, country, and folk/ethnic genres generally relating to music of Texas and the South.
  • King (Richard) IV Collection, 1985-1988 (7 ft., 6 in.) - This collection contains 87 commercial video program masters of music performances from the Austin Community Television series, "Dixie's Bar and Bus Stop," and the Kerrville Folk Festival.
  • Kirk (Curtis)/Tyler Publishing Company Audio Archives, 1963–1983 (34 ft.) - Master tapes of "Sound Alike" recordings, custom 45 rpm and LP releases of country and gospel music, live bluegrass festival recordings, and commercial jingles, produced by Curtis Kirk, owner and sound engineer of Tyler Publishing Co. and Custom Records.
  • Langston (Dean H.) Collection, 1977-1992 (61 ft., 9 in.) - The collection documents public access television programming in Austin, Texas, as related to Langston’s producing and directing career. Musical programs include Musicians Hotline, Citizens of the 5th Millennium, Citizens Live!, Music Connection, and Austin Music Live!.
  • Leigh (Keri) Collection, 1969-1996 (8 ft.) - The collection contains recorded interviews, transcripts, videos, photographs, posters, draft manuscripts, and galleys used in the publication of Leigh's 1993 biography of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Ray: Soul to Soul. Also included are materials documenting Leigh's own music career and other Austin music-related items.
  • Lipscomb-Alyn Collection, 1960-1995 (9 ft.) - The collection consists of correspondence, notes, photographs, transcripts, and printed material, plus more than 100 reels of oral history tapes and 14 phonodiscs, related to the Glen Alyn-produced biography documenting the life and music of Mance Lipscomb, a Navasota guitar master and singer
  • Lomax (John Avery) Family Papers, 1842, 1953-1986 (46 ft) - The collection contains manuscripts, correspondence, reports, notes, photographs, and sound recordings- including copies of commercial and field recordings - documenting the career and ballad-collecting efforts of John A. Lomax, Sr., Alan Lomax, and other family members. It is particularly rich in Anglo, African, and Mexican American music in Texas.
  • Marsh (Tina) Music Collection, 1985-2011 (1 ft.) - Promotional materials, administrative papers, LPs, and CDs make up the collection and provide insight into the Create Opportunity Orchestra, an experimental jazz group and pioneer of the Austin music scene.created by Marsh and the New Visions Ensemble.
  • Mathews (Claude) Collection, ca. 1930-1980 (12 ft.) - The collection contains video and audio recordings, transcripts, film logs, photographs, correspondence, and other production materials for a video documentary on Kenneth Threadgill and the musical life at Austin's Threadgill Restaurant.
  • Meaux (Huey P.) Papers, 1940-1994 (120 ft) - The collection contains business records, promotional materials, photographs, and other materials documenting the career of music producer and promoter Huey Meaux (aka "the Crazy Cajun"), as well as Don Robey's Duke/Peacock Records and other aspects of Texas Gulf Coast music history.
  • Miller (Townsend) Collection, 1952-1983 (65 ft.) - The collection contains more than 8000 commercial recordings, as well as biographical and discographical files, printed matter, posters, and photographs dealing mostly with American folk, country, and popular music, assembled by Austin music critic and columnist Townsend Miller.
  • Montgomery (Marvin)/Light Crust Doughboys Collection, 1935-1991 (5 ft.) - The collection contains the music library and archives of the legendary Fort Worth western swing band, the Light Crust Doughboys, assembled by its long-time banjoist, the late Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery.
  • Myers (John Brunson) Collection, 1972-1993 (10 in.) - The collection is comprised of papers relating to Myers’ work researching and chronicling the career of country music columnist Townsend Miller.
  • Nash (James) Music Collection, ca. 1970s-2014 (3 ft) - The growing collection contains digitally-remastered versions of out-of-print LPs as well as contemporary CDs and other material by a nymber of Austin-based artists, especially Shiva's Headband and Greezy Wheels. It also includes roughly 200 musical recordings, plus posters and music memorabilia.
  • Natchez Trace Sheet Music Collection, 1846-1925 (11 ft., 3 in.) - The collection consists of 4000 piece of published popular, light-classical, and classical music collected as part of a major Southern history archive. It also includes music by Stephen Foster, Civil War music, and imprints from the A.E. Blackmar firm in New Orleans.
  • Newman (Jeff) Southern Lights, Northern Cross Photograph Collection, 1975-2010 (approx. 10.5 ft.) - Texas photographer Newman documented blues, country, and rock musicians performing in Austin and Houston, Texas, as well as politicians, public figures, landscapes, buildings, and public events across the U.S. The collection consists of photographic prints, contact sheets, transparencies, slides, negatives, printed materials, digital media, and a scrapbook.
  • Owens (William A.) Collection, 1937-1941 (60 phonodiscs) - The collection consists of 78 rpm copies of field recordings of Anglo, African, Mexican American, and Cajun music made in Texas and Louisiana for the University of Texas Extension Service prior to World War II. Copies of the tapes also exist in the UT Folklore Center Archives (see entry below).
  • Perskin (Spencer) Papers, 1962-1970 (5 in.) - Notebooks of typed and handwritten poetry and other writings comprise the collection of Perskin, a classically trained musician who formed the band Shiva’s Headband and was one of the founders of Armadillo World Headquarters.
  • Reed (Frank LeFevre) Papers, 1913-1925 (2 ft., 1 in.) - Composed of correspondence, employment applications, financial records, printed materials, newspaper and magazine clippings, sheet music, and faculty documents, the collection chronicles Reed’s career as a music professor at the University of Texas at Austin and composer.
  • Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc. Records, 1947-2008 (45 ft.) - The collection consists of business correspondence, advertising and promotional literature, photographs, and other materials documenting the activities of Rod Kennedy Presents, Inc. in the creation of folk, gospel, jazz, and classical concerts and festivals around Texas.
  • Rodgers (Don) Bluegrass Music Collection, [ca. 1960s-1980s] (2 ft.) - Reel-to-reel 45 RPM, and 8-track recordings, as well as an ID card, map, notebook, and printed material, compose the collection which documents American bluegrass and country music.
  • Rogers (Delmer) Collection, 1987-2014 (20 ft.) - A research collection of the longtime American music scholar at UT-Austin School of Music, the collection is rich in published monographs and reference texts, sheet music (including Texas imprints), recordings, and research notes. It also includes student papers on a wide variety of topics written for Rogers' courses on "Music in Texas" and "Music in North American Life" at UT-Austin.
  • Sheehan (Bruce) Music Collection, 1983-2016 (1 ft.) - The collection consists of full length LPs, 45 RPM singles, CDs, sound reels, DVDs, and musician and business files, some of which represents work created through Jungle Records. Bands included in this collection are The Big Guitars of Texas, The Commandos, Evan Johns and the H-Bombs, The Killer Bees, The LeRoi Brothers, Mamou, and The Wild Seeds.
  • Simmons (Robert N.) Audio Collection, ca. 1970s-2007 (2 ft., 6 in.) - The collection includes recorded music and interviews dealing mostly with Texas music and musicians, including Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Johnny Winter, Doug Sahm, Texas western swing music, and Don Robey's Duke & Peacock Records.
  • Sinatra (Hank) Music Video Collection,1981-2000 (54 ft.) - The collection is comprised of 400 3/4 in video tapes of live music performances by Austin and Central Texan musicians, as well as lists of performers, promotional materials, and contracts.
  • Sinclair (John Lang) Papers, 1899-1977 (3 in.) - Papers containing the manuscript lyrics of “The Eyes of Texas,” as well as copies of some of his other poems, undated photographs, collected school songs, copies of legislation regarding the copyright and official adoption of the song by the University of Texas, newspaper clippings, and select biographical material.
  • Soap Creek Saloon Archives, 1966-1989 (20 ft.) - The collection consists of business records, contracts, talent files, photographs, clippings, printed matter, posters, and audio and video recordings, which document the activities of an important Austin music venue.
  • South By Southwest, Inc. Records, 1987-1997 (6 ft.) - The collection contains printed programs, correspondence, registration materials, and press clippings documenting the annual South By Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin, Texas. It also contains directories and materials on related music conferences.
  • Standfield (Lillian) Music Collection, 1972-1993 (4.5 ft.) - The collection consists of music posters, business records, correspondence, promotional materials, and audio recordings related to Stanfield’s music career.
  • Stopher (Henry Wallace III) Music Collection, [circa 1960s], 1997-2010 (3 in.) - The collection is comprised of promotional flyers, photographs, and CDs, some of which were produced and released through Stopher’s music label, Wali of Austin.
  • Strachwitz (Chris) Collection, ca. 1948-1955 (330 phonodiscs) - 78 rpm commercial recordings of South Texas Mexican-American popular music from the decade following World War II, including the earliest products of Latino-owned regional labels.
  • Texas Barrel House Piano Program, 1987 (7 items) - Five reels and two audiocassette tapes comprise the collection, documenting the performances of blues musicians Alex Moore, Lavada Durst, and Roosevelt T. Williams.
  • Texas Composers Collection, 1835-1968 (2 ft, 4 in.) - The collection consists of manuscript and printed music and correspondence of 80 Texas composers, from Victor Alessandro to Virginia Bassett Young. It includes materials from popular, band, and folk music.
  • Texas Federation of Music Clubs Records, 1860-1869, 1915-2009 (27 ft., 6 in.) - The collection includes official records documenting the organization and activities of the Federation in promoting American music and artist and musical education across the state.
  • Texas Folklife Resources Black Gospel Radio Project, 1940–1988 (89 tapes and logs) - Production materials for TFR documentary radio series, including its 1987 project, "Lift Every Voice: 50 Years of Texas Black Gospel."
  • Texas Music Collection, 1971-1995 (6.5 in.) - The collection consists of commercial records representing anything produced by Texas record companies, music performed or composed by a Texas, or any music with a Texas or regional theme. It includes 78s, LPs, 45s, audiocassettes, and CDs.
  • Texas Poster Art Collection, 1966-2006 (3 ft.) - In the late 1960s, Texas poster art, long an important mainstay of the state's printmaking tradition, entered a fertile and innovative period in Austin. Drawing inspiration from the counter culture and psychedelic music movements, a new generation of Texas graphic arts designers created one-of-a-kind posters. Today their works are considered some of the finest artifacts of this music poster explosion. The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History has digitized 400 of these extraordinary posters.
  • Tumpak (John R.) Music Collection, 2012-2014 (0.5 in.) - Four periodicals containing Tumpak’s articles on American Big Band history, featuring Texas artists comprise the collection. The articles feature vocalist Loise Tobin and the jazz music of the Caceres family of Corpus Christi.
  • Turner (Allan) Collection, 1972-2011 (3 ft., 8 in.) - The collection consists of musical recordings and oral interviews with performers of traditional Texas and Louisiana music, including conjunto, country and western, Czech and German, Cajun, and blues. Interviewees include Mance Lipscomb, Robert Shaw, Clarence Garlow, Santiago Jiménez, Lydia Mendoza, Fred Zimmerle, Ray Baca, Adolph Hofner, Cliff Bruner, Ted Daffan, J.R. Chatwell, and others.The collection also has non-musical interviews.
  • UT Folklore Center Archives, ca. 1928-1981 (101 ft.) - The collection includes manuscripts, publications, and sound recordings of Texas, American, and international folklore and music, including over 2000 reels of tape. Of special importance are the field recordings of folklorists John A. Lomax, William A. Owens, Américo Paredes, John Henry Faulk, and Roger Abrahams.
  • UT KUT Longhorn Radio Network Records, 1961-2010 (60 ft., 8 in.) - The collections contains master tapes of programs recorded by the KUT radio station on the University of Texas at Austin campus, including live and recorded performances, historical sketches of musicians, musical genres, and regional music. 
  • UT Music Library Records, 1940-1962 (1.5 in.) - The UT Music Library, originally located in the Battle Hall and serving as the University Library from 1911-1937, merged into the Fine Arts Library in 1979. The collection contains correspondence, cataloging and music records, circulation statistics, and budgets documenting the operations of the library.
  • Veneruso (Tara) Collection, 1993-1997 (4 ft., 6 in.) - The collection consists of production materials created by director Tara Veneruso for her full-length documentary video on Austin music and culture from the 1960s to the 1990s, Janis Joplin Slept Here (1994). Video interviews feature Clifford Antone, Marcia Ball, Joe King Carrasco, Cleve Hattersley, Tish Hinojosa, Chesley Milliken, Paul Ray, Jimmie Lee Vaughan, and many others.
  • Venth (Carl) Papers, 1923-1959 (19 ft.) - The collection consists of the music manuscripts, publications, and papers of a German-born composer who spent his last thirty years in Texas and wrote several compositions based on Texas themes, notably his opera "La Vida de la Misión."
  • Vorda (Allan) Music History Collection, 1977-1993 (4 ft., 5 in.) - Composed of audiocassettes and transcripts of interviews, photographs, magazines, and Vorda’s book, Psychedelic Psounds, the collection chronicles musicians and groups from the 1960s.
  • Ward (Ed) Collection, 1979-1984 (10 in.) - The collection includes personal and review copies of jazz, rock, blues, country, folk, popular, and international music recordings collected by prominent music critic and author Ed Ward during his years in Austin, Texas. Also included are his columns written for the Austin Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman.
  • Weiner (Lawrence) Papers, ca. 1960-1994 (6 ft.) - The collection includes manuscript and printed music, programs, reviews, correspondence, and recordings of works of Weiner, a composer and faculty member of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.
  • White (Dana L.) Collection, 1976-1986 (2 ft.) - The collection contains audiotapes of Texas artists, including singers Freddy King, Lou Ann Barton, and the band Bubble Puppy, as well as a tape inventory and programs from the 1986 Houston Juneteenth celebration.
  • Williams (Hank) Collection, 1952 (5 in.) - Consisting of CDs and accompanying discography/narratives featuring performance information and mini-bios on each artist, the collection documents the last three months of Williams’ musical career and his performances with Billie Jean Horton, Slim Whitman, Ray Price, and Charlie Walker.
  • Wilson (Burton) Collection, ca. 1920s-2000 (2 ft., 3 in.) - The collection focuses on photographs and documents created by Austin photographer Burton Wilson, a student of Russell Lee and house photographer for two key Austin music venues in the 1960s and 1970s: the Vulcan Gas Co. and the Armadillo World Headquarters. Along with the photographs documenting the early careers of Willie Nelson, Marcia Ball, Joe Ely, Jerry Jeff Walker, and many others, it also includes Wilson's collection of early jazz and blues recordings, taped copies of which are also in the UT Folklore Center Archives (see entry above).
  • Wood (Hally) Oral History, 1985 (1 audiocassette) - The collection consists of one interview of Wood about her life and career as a folk musician as well as her work with Alan and John Lomax. It also includes musical recordings of Wood, Stan Alexander, and another unidentified musician.
  • Wood (Hally) Papers, 1918-1990 (10 ft.) - Alphabetical subject files, journals, audio tapes, printed programs, books, and more document the career of Harriet “Hally” Wood, a folk musician. Amongst the materials are books and other printed materials about music, folklore topics, and other artists.
  • Wright (Tom) Collection, 1962-1994 (4 ft., 2 in.) - Covering Tom Wright's years as road manager and photographer for music groups such as The Who, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Faces, the Thunderbirds, Elvis Costello, and the Eagles, the collection includes photographic prints and negatives, recordings, correspondence, posters, memorabilia, and scrapbooks. An extensive photographic and audio tape archive documents The Who's artistic evolution from 1967 to the early 1990s, including the landmark 1969 performance of the rock opera Tommy in Detroit.


TEXAS FOLKLIFE RESOURCES COLLECTION, 1940–1988. (89 tapes and logs)
Production materials for TFR documentary radio series, including its 1987 project, "Lift Every Voice: 50 Years of Central Texas Black Gospel," featuring both oral history and music. Found two collections on TARO that sound similar but don't exactly match this listing. Not sure if they were combined into this entry or if there is another collection out there. 

Also unsure as to how/where the American Spirituals listed in the guide, since it links to a project page. Maybe put it in a separate box?

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