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Music and Entertainment History

Vertical Files

Vertical Files

Vertical files are collections of newspaper clippings, ephemera, printed material and other items collected by the Briscoe Center on various local and regional topics. The items collected span several decades and staff continue to update the files with new items.. Although the files are not a comprehensive source of information on any topic, they are a good place to start for general information for research topics.

The files listed below are only a small selection of vertical files related to music, musicians, and music venues. To continue your search, please use the Vertical File Index available on our website.

Biographical Files

  • Adams, J.T. (Fort Worth Pastor; pioneer in religious music)
  • Alexander, Birdie (Early Texas music educator)
  • Allen, Gregory (Internationally-known pianist; professor in UT Music Department)
  • Autry, Gene (Country music singer)
  • Baca, Kermit Lee (Fayetteville musician)
  • Bales, Zue Stevenson (1889-1978: primitive artist, pioneer educator, musician, and missionary)
  • Bell, T.D. (Blues musician)
  • Brown, Milton (Country and western musician and bandleader)
  • Browning, William, Jr. "Boom Boom" (Circus band musician)
  • Chenier, Clifton (Zydeco musician)
  • Clark, Jubal (Musician; lyricist)
  • Conrad, Barbara Louise Smith (Opera singer - mezzo-soprano) [1 scrapbook available]
  • George, Zelma Watson, Dr (Black musicologist and performer)
  • Gonzalez, Joseph, Jr. (Introduced punk and new wave music to Austin, Texas)
  • Lipscomb, Mance (A tenant farmer for 60 years in East Texas cotton fields; blues artist)
  • Nelson, Willie (Austin music legend) [3 scrapbooks available]
  • Newsmith, Michael (Musician and creator of MTV)
  • Oakes, Vernice Wayne "Wayne" (Singer/storyteller in the old cowboy tradition)
  • Owens, Tary (Austin musician)
  • Quintanilla, Selena (Tejana, musician) [1 scrapbook available]
  • Thornton, Willie Mae "Big Mama" (Texas musician)
  • Van Zandt, Townes (Musician)
  • Vaughan, Stevie Ray (Musician) [1 scrapbook available]
  • Winter, Johnny (Blues musician from Beaumont)

Genealogy Files

  • Gant Family (Folk singers)

Subject Files

  • Armadillo World Headquarters [1 scrapbook available]
  • Austin Music Hall
  • Austin Music Network
  • Longhorn Band - UT [1 scrapbook available]
  • Music [See also: Composers; Pianists; Songs; Texas Heritage Music Foundation; Music and Musicians Scrapbook; subheadings with the word "Music"; names of individual performers]
  • Music - Analysis and Appreciation
  • Music - Country and Western
  • Music - Hispanic [1 scrapbook available]
  • Music - Texas
  • Music - Women
  • Music Department - UT [1 scrapbook available. See also: College of Fine Arts - UT; Fine Arts Festival - UT; Glee Club - UT; Longhorn Band - UT; Organizations - UT; String Project - UT]
  • Music Festivals [See also: South by Southwest Music and Media Conferences; Kerrville Folk Festival]
  • Musicians [See also: Music; Music Department - UT; Schnauffer, David]
  • Public Broadcasting - UT [1 scrapbook available]
  • Radio [1 scrapbook available]
  • State Fair Musicals
  • Texas Heritage Music Foundation
  • Texas Music Office

Texas Authors Files

  • Lipscomb, Mance
  • Van Zandt, Townes (Musician)
  • Wood, Roger (Blues music of Houston)

Texas Cities Files

  • Austin Music Network
  • Austin, Texas - Music (6 scrapbooks available) [See also: Music - Austin Music Network; Music - Blues; Music - Clubs; Music - Country & Western; Music - Individual Artists; Music - Jazz; Music - Music Festivals; Music - Rock]
  • Austin, Texas - Music and Clubs (1 scrapbook available) [See also: Austin - Music]
  • Austin, Texas - Music Festivals
  • Beaumont, Texas - Music
  • Dallas, Texas - Music
  • El Paso, Texas - Music
  • Houston, Texas - Music
  • Lubbock, Texas - Music and Musicians
  • San Antonio, Texas - Music

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