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Music and Entertainment History

Prints and Photographs Collection Files

Prints and Photographs Collection Files

The Prints and Photographs Collection (PPC) and the Oversize Pictures (OP) files contain photographs and other visual materials related to various local and regional topics. 

The files listed below are only a small selection of PPC files related to music, musicians, and music venues. To continue your search, please use the Visual Materials Index available on our website.

Along with the PPC files, we also have archival collections for a number of photographers and photojournalists which may contain images of musicians and music venues. These collections can be found in the Photographers and Photojournalism libguide.


Need to add link for Photo libguide. Also add something about finding collections on TARO too?

Biographical Files

  • Conrad, Barbara Smith
  • Lomax, John Avery, Sr., 1867-1948
  • Owens, W.A. (William A.), 1905-1990
  • Thompson, May Esther Peterson, d. 1952

Subject Files

  • Armadillo World Headquarters (music hall, Austin, Texas)
  • Music and Musicians
  • Papa's Showland (Dallas, Texas)

University of Texas Files

  • UT - Buildings - Music (new) [Also available OP: UT - Buildings - Music (new) (OP31)]
  • UT - Buildings - Music (Rainey Hall)
  • UT - Faculty (Music Department)
  • UT - Radio
  • UT Longhorn Band [Also available OP: UT Longhorn Band (OP35)]
  • UT Music Department [Also available OP: UT Music Department (OP36)]

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