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Audio and Visual Materials

Audio and Visual Materials

The Briscoe Center houses a significant amount of audio and visual material, separated into the moving image collection and the sound recording collection. The moving image collection, consisting of a variety of film, videotape, and digital formats, features Texas music and musicians in concert and being interviewed for documentary purposes. The sound recordings collection contains almost 50,000 music and music-related recordings documenting the musical history of Texas and the greater South and Southwest. Many of the recordings in both collections are components of larger collections that feature different kinds of materials, as is the case for the Townsend Miller Collection, the Hank Sinatra Music Video Collection, and Bob Johnston Collection. Some of the items are field recordings made by various folklorists, as in the UT Folklore Center Archives, while many others are commercial recordings that document the output of the music industry in Texas and elsewhere, such as the Texas Music Collection. Still another category consists of music broadcasts, such as the series "Live Set",  to be found in the UT KUT/Longhorn Radio Network Records. 

Some digital audio and visual materials are accessible via our Rich Media site, where there is a specific page for music-related content. The University of Texas at Austin's library catalog includes hardcopy audio and visual materials that can be accessed in the Briscoe Center's Reading Room. The items listed below are a small selection of audio and video recordings found in the library catalog related to music, musicians, and musical performances.

The Briscoe Center's Reading Room offers equipment to access a variety of audio and visual formats. Our visual station allows researchers to view DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, and VHS and 3/4 in. videotapes. Our audio station allows researchers to listen to audiocassettes, microcassettes, CDs, LPs, and 45 rpm records. Equipment for viewing other formats of moving images (16 or 35 mm film, Betamax, mini dv, and others) or for listening to other formats of audio recordings is not available. To access these formats, researchers will need to pay for digital copies to be made through our Duplication Services department. 

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Video Recordings

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