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Data Management

This guide is to help you prepare a data management plan.

Parts of a data management plan

Parts of a data management plan

Data Types

  • What types of data will your project produce (samples, specimens, records, recordings)?
  • What file formats will you use?
  • Are those formats sustainable for the long-term?
  • How much data is there?


  • How will you label and describe your data?
  • How will you name and organize your files?
  • How will you ensure consistency across your team?
  • Is there a metadata schema for your subject area?

Access and Sharing

  • Who will have access to your data during and after the research process?
  • What forms of your data will you publish? Not all of it must be published.
  • What security, confidentiality and intellectual property requirements apply to your data?


  • If you publish your data, which copyright license will you choose?
  • Who can re-use your data and for what purpose?
  • How should your data be cited (is there a DOI?)?


  • How often will you backup your data?
  • Where will it be preserved and for how long?
  • What if software changes?  Will you need to update your files to a new/open format?

This is a 5.5m minute video by University of Wisconsin Data Services.

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