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Consumer Behavior

Psycho graphics

Analysis of consumer lifestyles to create a detailed customer profile. Market researchers conduct psychographic research by asking consumers to agree or disagree with activities, interests, and opinions statements. (

Mintel Research

For each report, Mintel conducts an online consumer survey based on an average sample size of 2000 internet users. The survey findings are summarized into a downloadable EXCEL file called "Databook", which includes comprehensive product use and consumer behavior data for that specific market.

NOTE: Only USA reports dated 2015 - present will have a downloadable "Databook" report. Starting in 2018, in addition to the excel file, the reports have a "Interactive Databook" which allows users to explore the consumer research questions and demographics in a more efficient way. New features include enhanced data visualization, download/share individual tables/graphs, etc.‚Äč


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