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Marine Science Graduate Thesis Seminars

Graduate Thesis Seminar, 2011

Graduate Thesis Seminar, 2011

The effects of habitat fragmentation on the diversity and community structure of nekton inhabiting subtropical seagrass meadows

Geoffrey Michael Hensgen, M.S.

May 2011
Supervisor: G. Joan Holt

The effects of sea level fluctuations on coral reef fishes : genetic differences between outer reef and lagoon inhabiting wrasses (Genus Halichoeres)

William Benton Ludt, M.S.

December 2011
Supervisor: Benjamin Walther

Light dependant growth and nitrogen fixation rates in the Hemiaulus haukii and Hemiaulus membranceus diatom-diazotroph associations

Amy Elizabeth Pyle, M.S.

December 2011
Supervisor: Tracy A. Villareal

Spatial and temporal variation in trophic structure of the Nueces Marsh, TX

Sarah Caitlin Wallace, M.S.

August 2011
Supervisor: Kenneth H. Dunton

Testosterone acts at the cell surface to induce granulosa/theca cell death via an apoptotic pathway in Atlantic croaker (Micropogonias undulatus)

Chenan Zhang, M.S.

December 2011
Supervisor: Peter Thomas

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