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Marine Science Graduate Thesis Seminars

Graduate Thesis Seminar, 2006

Graduate Thesis Seminar, 2006

"Development of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Identification of Sciaenid Eggs"

Lucia Beatriz Carreón Martínez, M.S.

August 2006
Supervisor: G. Joan Holt

"Response of Benthic Macrofauna to Freshwater Inflow in the Lavaca-Colorado Estuary, Texas, USA"

Julie Weaver Kinsey, M.S.

August 2006
Supervisor: Paul A. Montagna

"Alterations in Thyroid Hormone Status in Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) Exposed to Aroclor 1254 and Selected PCB Congener"

Kimberly Dale LeRoy, M.S.

May 2006
Supervisor: Izhar A. Khan

"An Assessment of Seagrass and Tidal Flat Recovery From Anthropogenic Physical Disturbance Events Along the Padre Island National Seashore"

Summer Rebecca Martin, M.S.

August 2006
Supervisor: Kenneth H. Dunton

"Nutrient Source Effects on Growth Rate-Irradiance Relationships in the Texas Brown Tide Aureoumbra lagunensis"

Harris Muhlstein, M.S.

August 2006
Supervisor: Tracy A. Villareal

"The Effect of Stress on Steroidogenic Gene Transcription in the Atlantic Stingray (Dasyatis sabina) Brain"

Megan L. Noel, M.S.

December 2006
Supervisor: B. Scott Nunez

"Initial Effects of Opening Packery Channel on Estuarine Macrofauna in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas"

Terence Aaron Palmer, M.S.

May 2006
Supervisor: Paul A. Montagna

"The Turbulent Lives of Copepods: How Flow Over a Coral Reef Affects Their Ability to Detect Predators"

Heather Eve Robinson, M.S.

August 2006
Supervisor: Edward J. Buskey

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