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Marine Science Graduate Thesis Seminars

Graduate Thesis Seminar, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2:00 pm

"Expansion of Deltaproteobacteria Diversity From Marine Sediment Reveals Unique Metabolic Features"

Marguerite Langwig, M.S.

December 2019
Supervisor: Brett J. Baker

Wednesday, April 24, 3:00 pm

"Characterization of Riverine DOM Using Thermal Slicing Pyrolysis GC-MS: Implications for Anthropogenic Influence and Organic Matter Lability"

John Ahern O'Connor, M.S.

May 2019
Supervisor: Zhanfei Liu

Monday, November 25, 1:00 pm

"Impacts of Mangrove Expansion and Regional Climate Change on Coastal Avian Community Dynamics"

Keyser R. Spencer, M.S.

December 2019
Supervisor: Lauren A. Yeager

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