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HED 335 - Theories of Substance Use and Abuse

Designed to support the work of students in HED 335 - Theories of Substance Use and Abuse

Finding Journal Articles and Conference Papers

Finding Research Papers

For help in finding research papers (journal articles and conference papers), we recommend using indexing tools.  Some indexes only index; some index and include text for some of the articles.  Always, though, you should see the citation for the article.  This helps find the text for the article in the UT subscriptions.

Here are databases we especially recommend to you for help with finding research papers for your class.  Topics of substance use and abuse are usually classified as part of psychology and medicine so the top choice are indexes to the literature (research papers) in those fields.

The Medline / PubMed family:  This can be confusing.  UT-Austin has access to three different subscription versions of Medline, the premier index to the literature of medicine.  Everyone has access to PubMed, which is Medline with some content differences.  I prefer the subscription interfaces but you may prefer to get used to using the freely available PubMed.

Depending on the topic or if you would like to expand your search, the literature of education, sociology, or sports exercise may be helpful:

Plus, you may want to browse the Library Databases to find other helpful sources.  

  • There is a "Subjects" filter
  • And a "Database Types" filter 

"Find it at UT"

Click on "Find it at UT" (or on an icon with similar text) to link to the electronic text of a journal article.  Sometimes, the linking won't work out and you should see information about how to obtain a copy of the material.

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