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UGS 302 - (GEMS) STEM in Society - Osborne

Images & Video

Visual Literacy

Remember that you as you look for images of your building, you need to be critical about images just as you would a text.

  • Evaluate the source:
    • Who owns the image? Is the owner the same person who made the image?
    • What kinds of permissions does the owner of the image give for its use?
    • Where did you find it?  Do you think the source is reliable?
  • Evaluate the image:
    • What kind of image is it: drawing (plan, elevation, section), rendering, photograph, painting, sketch?
    • What kind of information does the image communicate? What do you learn from the image? Does the image produce an emotion in you? How did the artist create that emotion in you?
    • What information is left out? Why do you think the creator chose to leave out that information?
    • How is the image being used? Do you think the source of the image is using the image differently than the artist intended? Does that change your perception of the image?

Visual Media Databases



Finding and Using Images

Citation Help

UT Writing Center

A wonderful resource to help you with writing and citations. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with them or attend an online presentation.

OWL Purdue

The OWL Purdue is a great resource for questions about citations across different styles.

More Resources

For more information on visual resources:

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