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Korea Studies

Romanization & Word Division

Korea Studies

Romanization and Word Division

North American Libraries follow Library of Congress’s Korean Romanization rules which is based on McCune-Reischauer system with some exceptions and is different from the Official Koran romanization used in Korea.

I. Romanization used in North America
       McCune-Reischauer Romanization Tables (PDF)

       Korean romanization system and word division

       Library of Congress Korean Romanization and Word Division rules (Romanization table on p. 61-63)

The following romanization guides are courtesy of Hana Kim, formerly University of Toronto

 This romanization conversion tool is develped at the East Asian Library of Princeton   Univeristy. It converts Hangul  to romanization that follows Library Congress' romanization rules and the systems in library catalogs in North American libraries. 


II. Romanization used in Korea

Official Koran romanization used in Korea (for reference only, NOT USED in the North American Libraires)

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