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Korea Studies

Statistics & Government Information

Statistics and Government Information

KOSIS. Provides sub-national level of data of Korea.  

KOSIS. 국가통계포털 (Korean)
KOSIS. Korean Statistical Information Services  (English) English page is not as complete as Korean page.

ECOS. Provides sub-national level economic data of Korea.

ECOS 한국은행 경제통계시스템  (Korean)
ECOS. Economic Statistics System.  (English)

KOSSDA. Korean Social Science Data Archive. Provides data related to politics, government, economy, business, society, psychology, welfare, education and more. Users need to create a personal account via an established Korea Foundation account.

KOSSDA 한국사회과학자료 (Korean)
KOSSDA Korea Social Science Data Archive  (English)







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