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Citation Management

Citation Managers

A citation manager provides valuable assistance as you research and as you write.  This tool is for:

  • Collecting bibliographic information for the sources you read and use.
  • Organizing the PDFs and other documents that go along with the citations.
  • As you write, formatting in-text citations or footnotes, and bibliographies.

Also, you may use the citation manager to:

  • Import citations and documents using the assistance of software features and without typing in the information.
  • Create subgroups within the larger group.
  • Share with others.
  • Annotate records with your notes.
  • Support systematic reviews.

A citation manager helps you get organized and stay organized, and saves time with formatting final papers.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Tool

  EndNote Mendeley Zotero
Desktop app? Yes Yes - only Mendeley Reference Manager after 9/1/2022 Yes
Operating systems supported Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, Linux Windows, macOS, Linux
Web-version? Yes Yes



Desktop app: $114.95 (students)

                      $209.95 (fac/staff)

Online version "with Web of Science" is free to UT affiliates

Online Basic is free to everyone

App: free

Up to 2GB of cloud storage* free, $4.99/mo+ for more

App: free

Up to 300MB of cloud storage* free, extra storage from $20/year

Allows shared library creation? Yes Yes


Allows PDF sync? Yes Yes Yes
Word processor plugin? Microsoft Word, LibreOffice (4.x, 5.x, 6.x only), Apple Pages Microsoft Word, LibreOffice (7.x (latest version)) Microsoft Word, LibreOffice (all versions), Google Docs
Support structure Videos and self-guided resources, email, phone Guides, forums, email, chat Self-guided documentation and forums
UT Libraries provides workshops? Yes, see workshops Not currently, see Mendeley page for more detail Yes, see workshops
After you leave UT, will you still have access to this tool?

Desktop app: Yes

Online version "with Web of Science":  No, but it will convert to an Online Basic account. 

Online Basic: Yes



* For more information on storage options, see the Mendeley and Zotero pages.

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