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TD 388 - Research Methods and Resources - Dawson


Introduction to Databases

Databases are a great resource for gathering scholarly sources for a research project. Databases in Theatre & Dance not only search articles and journals on these topics, but can also search partial and full texts of plays or performances. The databases listed below are suggested resources for research in Theatre & Dance.

Background Databases

Literary Databases


The following are databases that can help find the full text of a play or performance.


The following are useful databases for play and performance analysis with a literary emphasis (i.e. themes, plot, stylistic elements). 


The following are useful databases to search for criticisms or reviews of a play or performance.

Drama Texts Collection

  • American Drama (Chadwyck-Healey) 
  • Asian American Drama 
  • Black Drama, 3rd Edition 
  • Contemporary World Drama 
  • English Drama (Chadwyck-Healey) 
  • Latin American Drama
  • North American Indian Drama, 2nd Edition 
  • North American Women’s Drama, 2nd Edition 
  • Twentieth Century Drama (Chadwyck-Healey) 
  • Twentieth Century North American Drama, 2nd Edition​

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