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UGS 302: Fashion, Beauty & Culture / Reed

Keywords are important

Ask for what you need.

Not sure what to search for? Think about what you've studied in class, or the list of suggested topics. What concepts interest you? Can you relate a clothing topic to your major? Make a list of possibilities to explore.
Example topic: clothing and identity
Step 1: Related terms and synonyms
What are some related terms for clothing? fashion, dress, uniform, style, appearance
What are some related terms for identity? social status, self-image
Step 2: Controversies and arguments - why do people care about this topic?
Now maybe you're learning more about this broad topic and you want to steer results into a narrow question - maybe clothing and body image? maybe clothing and gender identity?
Step 3: Who cares about this topic? Who are the stakeholders?
Do you have a particular group you are interested in studying? girls, boys, Asians, African Americans?
Divide your topic by ideas on separate lines:

What's up with the AND and OR?

  • AND narrows your search by looking for articles with all of the words
  • OR broadens your search by looking for articles with any of the word

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