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2020 Images of Research Competition

Competition Details

How to Submit

  • Submit up to 3 images.  Only TIFF, jpeg and .png files are accepted.  Keep in mind that Instagram compresses images so in order to have the best image quality possible, review this Instagram FAQ about image resolution.  In addition, please don't add Instagram filters to your image so that if you win, your printed poster will match your entry.  Keep in mind that while you can submit up to 3 images, each image should stand on its own as the judges will be judging individual images, not series of images.
  • Add a caption to each submitted image of 250 words or less.  The caption should include the title of the image, your name, department and class standing and a brief narrative that explains in jargon free terms that the public could understand how the image captures the process, outcome and/or impact of your research.
  • Submit via Instagram.  Use the hashtag #utlibresearch20 and tag @utlibraries.  Keep in mind that @utlibraries cannot see images submitted from a private account.
  • Deadline:  March 2, 2020

Process after Submission

Winning images will be archived in Texas ScholarWorks, the online repository for the University of Texas.  By submitting to the competition, you agree to make your image and narrative available in Texas ScholarWorks and confirm that you are the original creator of the image and narrative and, thus, have the right to share it.  As the creator of the image and narrative, you retain copyright.

Winners will be notified March 6, 2020.  An Awards Ceremony will be held March 30 in PCL.  Winning images and their accompanying narratives will be printed as posters and displayed during the Awards Ceremony and throughout Research Week, so be prepared to submit your original image file to the Libraries as soon as you are notified.  Libraries staff will photograph winners with their winning images for publicity purposes.


  • First place = $100
  • Second place = $50


Eligibility:  Only undergraduates enrolled at UT-Austin in fall 2019 and spring 2020 are eligible.



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