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MUS 307 - History of Rock Music



TIP: this database includes full text of Rolling Stone, beginning in 1990. Check the library catalog for older issues.

For newer New York Times articles:

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Inside Articles & More, take a look at the left toolbar with options to refine or filter your search results. To ensure the information you browse will be both credible and relevant, the most important boxes to check are:

  • Scholarly & Peer-Review
  • Peer-Review 
  • Publication Date

If you want to narrow or broaden your search now try adding or substituting different keywords and using Boolean operator search terms. If you want to narrow even more try these options to filter by:

  • Content Type
  • Discipline 

Keep an eye on the number of your search results. Start browsing when you feel you have a manageable number of results to skim through. 

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