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Annotating Audio and Video with AudiAnnotate

Workshop Description

4/7- Annotating Audio and Video with AudiAnnotate


Instructors- Tanya Clement, Kayleigh Voss

Do you have annotations for audio and video (events, oral histories, podcasts!) you want to share online for classes or scholarship or creative projects? AudiAnnotate [website:] is a free and lightweight tool and workflow to publish and share annotation projects, editions, and exhibits with audio and video files using IIIF and GitHub Pages.


This workshop will introduce the AudiAnnotate workflow, which connects existing best-of-breed, open source tools for AV management (Aviary), annotation (such as Audacity and OHMS), public code and document repositories (GitHub), and the AudiAnnotate web application for creating and sharing IIIF manifests and annotations.  Libraries, archives, and museums benefit from this workflow as it facilitates metadata generation, is built on W3C web standards in IIIF for sharing online scholarship, and generates static web pages that are lightweight and easy to preserve and harvest. Scholars and the public benefit as the workflow leverages IIIF and the web to allow users to re-present AV artifacts made available by institutional repositories. Examples in the workshop will include how to annotate and present AV materials made available online by the Harry Ransom Center. 


Please visit project page for examples and documentation.


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