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UGS 302 - Critical Thinking & The Media - Mandel

In Class Exercise

Sources, Sources, Sources

In groups look at the following examples of articles on tissue engineering. Assign someone to take notes and someone who will report out. Discuss the source and answering the following questions:

  • Title of the source
  • What is the background and expertise of the person/people who wrote this source?
  • Why was this source created?
  • What is the audience for this source?
  • Is this source helpful if you were researching this topic?  Why or why not? 
  • What type of source is this?  Is it a scholarly source or popular source?
  • Does the author have an agenda or bias? Does the article articulate a particular viewpoint?


Ex. 1 Slacktivism clicktivism and "Real Social Change"

Ex. 2 Clicktivism is Ruining Leftist Activism

Ex. 3 All Click and No Action? Online Action, Efficacy Perceptions, and Prior Experience Combine to Affect Future Collective Action

Ex. 4 Prominent UAE Activist Jailed for 10 Years Over Social Media Activity

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