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BIO 206L- Introductory Laboratory Experiments In Biology - Maas

Search with Google Scholar

Why use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar can help:

  • Identify authors and journals related to your topic
  • Find scholarly works from a wide variety of sources
  • Find articles, books, theses, abstracts, conference proceedings and more
  • Locate content not found in a regular Google search

Search Tips

Use the Advanced Scholar Search to limit your results to specific subject areas, dates, publications, etc.


To search information from specific types of websites, like government or non-profit organizations, use the following pattern:

keyword(s) site:.domain extension


To find government statistics on climate change, search: 

climate change statistics 

To find information on non-profit organizations working with homeless teens, search:

teen homelessness

Domain extensions:

  • .gov - government
  • .org - non-profit organizations
  • .edu - education
  • .com - commercial
  • .net - community networks
  • .mil - military
  • .int - international organizations

Ways to Use Google Scholar Off Campus

Option 1:  Use the search box on this page to access subscriptions already paid for by the UT Libraries.  Look for the Findit@UT link next to your results to access the full text via the UT Libraries subscription.  Please note that not all Libraries subscriptions and content will appear in Google Scholar.

Option 2:  Set your Google account preferences to look for the full text of your Google Scholar results through the UT Libraries any time you're signed in.  Go to this customized settings screen and click Save.

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