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GSD 341J - Contemporary Scandinavian Stories -- Cortsen

Find articles, information about Scandinavian culture, politics, history, literature

Databases for articles, books

Databases for articles, books

The most challenging thing about this assignment will be targeting your search to find an appropriate "quality" article, and later finding additional material to support your essay. 

Pro tips:

  • Not sure what Library tool to use?  Brainstorm with our library home page search box first.  Make sure you SIGN IN to see full results!  Use "quotes" around phrases, titles:

Library home page search box showing search: (scandinavian or nordic) with 69,000+ results


UT Libraries Databases All subjects pull down

  • Use the "Peer review and impact" tab on the left-hand side of this guide to assist in the evaluation process.  

Here are some suggestions, and remember the Databases A-Z All Subjects pull-down list is your friend!:

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