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2020 Graduate Research Showcase

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why would I want to participate in this event?

To get feedback on a poster or creative work, to practice presenting, to connect with other graduate student scholars, to give others feedback, or to learn more about a field. It might be fun.


2. Will I be able to invite non-UT people to attend my presentation?

Yes. Attendees must register before the event  so they can get into the meeting.


3. Will I be able to practice my presentation?

Yes, we are partnering with 3 minute thesis event and you may join the practice session with them. Or, if you would like to practice with the GRS crew, please contact Meryl Brodsky.


4. Will the presentation be timed?

Yes, the presentation + live Question/Answer period = 10 minutes. Attendees will fill out a feedback form for each presenter. We will be adhering to a schedule, so please use our timer to keep on track.


5. Can I post my poster or creative work ahead of time?

Yes, you are welcome to do that. We will link to it in UT Box.


6. What if something comes up at the last minute and I can't make it?

Please let us know via email so that we can account for your absence in the schedule.


7. Can my group present?

Yes, sure.


8. What size should the poster be?

We recommend using the Better Scientific Poster site. They have a PPT template here: Or, you can use PowerPoint to show a landscape-oriented poster. Please remember not to make the type too small.


9. Is there a prize?

Yes, prizes will be awarded  and winners will be able to select an e-book for the UT Library collection in consultation with their subject liaison.  


10. Do I have to stay the whole time if I am presenting?

No, you don't have to stay. We will try to accommodate your schedule. It would be nice if you could stay long enough to see a few other presenters.


11. Can I see some examples of the posters that were presented in the past?

Yes, here's a link to the 2019 Graduate Research Showcase Research Guide List of Posters & Presenters.

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