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HED 366 - Human Sexuality

Scholarly Articles

What is a Peer Reviewed Article?

Peer reviewed articles, also sometimes called refereed articles or scholarly articles, are written by experts in a particular field and vetted by other experts to ensure that an article is of appropriate scholarly quality. This process is called peer review. You can learn more about peer review and how to determine if an article is peer reviewed on the next page.

To search for peer reviewed articles, you will want to use the databases available through UT Libraries. A few of the databases most relevant for social work are included below. These databases allow you to limit your search to only peer-reviewed articles.

Recommended Databases

Google Scholar Search

Note: Google Scholar does not allow you to limit your search results by Peer Review

Where's the Article?

If you don’t see a .pdf of the article you want, click Find it to find it in another database or in print in the Libraries.

If it is only in print in the Libraries or we don’t own the article, click Get scan to have the article emailed to you. This option will take a few days.

Troubleshooting Electronic Resources

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