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Corpora for Humanities Research

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Downloading EXMARaLDA

The workshop uses a tool from the EXMARaLDA software suite. Participants who are interested to use their own machines can download EXMARaLDA for Windows or Mac here. For Mac, they’ll want to specifically install the “Partitur-Editor” tool. Participants may also need to update or install Java, too. There are notes for installation for Windows 8 or higher and MacOS X on that page as well. More documentation can be found in the Getting Started guide.


Corpora for Humanities Research

Wednesday, November 7th


PCL Learning Lab 4

Please bring your own laptop if you wish to participate in the hands on portions of this workshop.

Corpora have long been a research model utilized by linguists to answer critical questions about the development of and relationships among languages. This workshop takes inspiration from corpus linguistics to demonstrate the applicability of text corpora to Humanities research generally. We will learn how to conceptualize a corpus project, from research question to model, and then implement test annotations using the EXMARaLDA annotation tool. We will also review existing text corpora projects and the myriad ways that corpora can be utilized for Humanities research.

Taught by Dale Correa

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