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Geoscience Endowments

Geology Foundation Library Endowments

The following endowments provide important supplementary support for the Walter Geology Library acquisitions and operations. These funds contribute significantly to making valuable geology information resources available to University of Texas students and faculty, as well as to geoscience researchers nationally and internationally.


Walter Fund
This fund was set up by J. C. "Joe" Walter, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth C. Walter in 1981, and it is the primary endowment support fund for the Walter Library. Investment proceeds from this endowment provide major supplemental support for acquisitions and for facilities upgrades. The Walter Family also contributed $1.1 million towards the 2003 renovation and expansion of the Walter Library.


Barrow Fund
This fund, endowed in 1995 by Mrs. Laura Barrow and her son, Dr. Thomas Barrow, supports the purchase of geoscience periodicals, especially those relating to energy. The Barrow Family has a long and distinguished history of support of The University of Texas at Austin, particularly the geosciences programs.


Chernoff Family Library Fund for Geophysics and Earth System Sensing
Family members of Charlie N. Chernoff established this fund in 2005 to support library information in geophysics and remote sensing. Charlie Chernoff retired from Chevron as Chief Geophysicist in 1992. He was born in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, and completed his earth science education at the University of Saskatchewan. Chernoff started his career doing geological field mapping for Standard Oil. In 1960, he transitioned into geophysics, where he remained for the next 32 years. Chernoff's career encouraged several family members to pursue the geosciences. His brother, Michael Chernoff, has been a major contributor to the petroleum industry in Canada and Ecuador. Michael's son, Bruce Chernoff,works in the petroleum industry, as does Charlie's daughter, Dr.Carlotta Chernoff, who holds a doctorate in earth sciences. Two other Chernoffs, Michael's daughter Cathy and Charlie's daughter Cheryl, graduated from the School of Architecture at UT Austin.


Tobin Fund
Established in 1980 by Tobin Research of San Antonio, this fund provides all materials funds for the Geology Library map collection. All other materials are received through depository or exchange programs. The Tobin Fund has permitted the Geology Library to acquire some outstanding map materials and atlases. Investment proceeds from the endowment also support student assistants enabling the Library to catalog most of the collection. Investment proceeds from the endowment have also been used to support the purchase of equipment, furniture, and supplies for the Map Room.


Wendtlandt Fund
A very special fund from which investment proceeds are used to purchase German language and origin geosciences publications.



Whitney Fund
Set up in 1963 with an initial anonymous donation, funds distributed from the endowment support the purchase of paleontology materials, including micropaleontoloy, invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology, paleobiology and paleoecology.


Michael A. Wiley Hydrogeology Library Fund
This fund was set up in 2005 with an initial donation (and subsequent estate gift) from Michael A. Wiley, and contributions from a number of donors including the Hood-Barrow Foundation, Ken Barrow, John M. Sharp, and others. The Fund supports the acquisition of water related information, including but not limited to groundwater and surface water processes, theory and modeling, urban hydrology and hydrogeology, recharge and remediation, water policy and economics, transboundary and interbasin water development and transfer, and hydroinformatics.


Climate Studies Fund
Funded in 2012 by Jackson School staff member Debra Sue Trinque and her husband Brian, this fund is meant to assist the library in acquiring information dealing with all aspects of climate studies.

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