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Don't get enough geology in the field? Want to know what life could be like as a forensic geologist or amateur sleuth? Just for you, we created reading lists, boards of book covers, and a bibliography of the study of GeoFiction! You will see fiction or fictionalized books, stories, or films with geologist authors and characters, or with the geosciences as a prominent plot or story element.


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Ellis, Mark


Gastil, R. Gordon and Janet

Follow the Sun

Harkaway, Nick

The Gone-Away World

Harper, Rory


McFarland, Michael

Beyond the Darkness

Noswat, Erd


Verne, Jules

20,000 Leagues under the Sea
From the Earth to the Moon and Around the moon
Invasion of the Sea
Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Meteor Hunt Off on a Comet (Found in v.9 of Works of Jules Verne)

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Aalborg, Gordon

Dining with Devils

The Specialist 

Black, Thomas

Death Mode 

Brucker, Roger W.

Grand, Gloomy and Peculiar 

The Longest Cave

Connealy, Mary

Out of Control 

Crowell, Hubert

Drawn to Darkness 

Finkel, Donald

Going Under and Endurance: An Antarctic Idyll, Two Poems

Frederick, Carl

We Are the Cat

Gleason, Colleen

Siberian Treasure (Marina Alexander Adventures Book 1)

Hurtt, Howard A.

Double Drop

Wrap Three Pull Two

Lazaro, Timothy

Deep-Purple Menace

McConnell, Marian


Mason, Isobel

Visions of Darkness  

Morgan, Charles


Morgan, D.B. and Tim Myers

Caved In 

Olson, Colleen O'Connor

Prehistoric Cavers of Mammoth Cave 

Page, Jake


Perren, Jeffrey

Death is Overrated: A Mystery 

Phoenix, Mike

The Complete Cave Trilogy: Exploration and Exploitation of Mammoth Cave in the 19th Century

Sullivan, Mark T.


Tabor, James M.

The Deep Zone

Wetterau, Bruce

Lost Treasure: Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1 

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Bakker, Robert

Raptor Red

Bear, Greg

Dinosaur Summer

Burroughs, Edgar Rice

The Land that Time Forgot

Clark, Leigh


Crichton, Michael

Jurassic Park

The Lost World

Dahman, Catt

Dinosaur: 65 Million

Dann, Jack & Gardner Dozois


Dinosaurs 2

David, James F.

Footprints of Thunder

Dinosaur Thunder

Thunder of Time

Davis, Brett

Bone Wars

Two Tiny Claws

Doyle, Arthur Conan

The Lost World

Drake, David

Boundary Layer

King Tyrant


Time Safari


Tyrannosaur (Calibration Run)

Frazier, David Samuel

In Situ

Garcia y Robertson, R.

The Virgin and the Dinosaur

Atlantis Found (The Virgin and the Dinosaur #2)

Graziano, Lisa M.

Cretaceous Dawn

Hell Creek: A Novel of the Cretaceous

Harrison, Harry

West of Eden

Winter in Eden

Return to Eden

Hopp, Thomas P.

Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall

Dinosaur Wars: Counterattack

Dinosaur Wars: Blood on the Moon

Hubbell, Will

Cretaceous Sea

Sea of Time

Knight, Harry Adam


McCaffrey, Anne

Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet Survivors

Martin, Dale

Safari World

Milán, Victor

The Dinosaur Knights

The Dinosaur Lords

Miller, Jock

Fossil River

Sawyer, Robert J.

End of an Era


Fossil Hunter


Simpson, George Gaylord

The Dechronization of Sam Magruder

Swanwick, Michael

Bones of the Earth

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10.5. 2004.

2012: Doomsday. 2010.

2012: Ice Age. 2011.

2012: Supernova. 2010.

Absolute Zero. 2006.

Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Volcano Mystery. 1997.

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York. 1999.

Airplane vs. Volcano. 2014.

The Apocalypse. 2007.

Apocalypse Pompeii. 2014.

Area 407. 2012.

Arctic Blast. 2010.

Armageddon. 1998.

Asteroid. 1997.

Atomic Twister. 2002.

Avalanche Alley. 2001.

Avalanche: Nature Unleashed

Avalanche Sharks. 2013.

Les Aventures Extraordinaires d' Adèle Blanc-Sec. 2010.

Ba'al: the Storm God. 2008.

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend. 1985.

Blood Diamond. 2006.

Carnosaur. 1993.

Category 6: Day of Destruction. 2004.

Category 7: The End of the World. 2005.

Christmas Twister. 2012.

Collision Earth. 2012.

The Core. 2003.

Countdown: Armageddon. 2010.

Cyclone. 1978.

Cyclone Tracy. 1986.

Dante's Peak. 1997.

Dark Storm. 2006.

The Day after Tomorrow. 2004.

The Deadly Shift. 2008.

Deep Core. 2000.

Deep Impact. 1998.

Descent. 2005.

Devil Winds. 2003.

Dinoshark. 2010.

Disaster! 2005.

Disaster Movie. 2008.

Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs. Tsunami. 2004.

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York. 2010.

Dracano. 2013.

Earthquake. 1974.

Earthquake: Nature Unleashed. 2005.

Earthstorm. 2006.

Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec. 2010.

The Final Storm. 2009.

Fire Twister. 2014.

The Grey. 2011.

The Great Los Angeles Earthquake(The Big One) 1990.

The Happening. 2008.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. 2009.

Ice Road Terror. 2011.

Ice Quake. 2010.

Ice Twisters. 2009.

Impact. 2009.

Into the Storm. 2014.

Jurassic Park. 1993.

Jurassic Shark. 2012.

Killer Wave. 2007.

Krakatoa: East of Java. 1969.

Last Days of Pompaii. 1913.

Last Days of Pompeii. 1959.

Lost Volcano. 1950.

Magma: Volcanic Disaster. 2006.

Malibu Shark Attack. 2009.

The Martian. 2015.

Mega Cyclone. 2011.

Megafault. 2009.

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus. 2010.

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. 2009.

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark. 2014.

Meltdown: Days of Destruction. 2006.

Metal Tornado. 2011.

Meteor. 2009.

Meteor Storm. 2010.

Mission to Mars. 2000.

Nailbiter. 2013.

Nature Unleashed: Tornado. 2004.

Nature Unleashed: Avalanche. 2004.

Night of the Twisters. 1996.

NYC: Tornado Terror. 2010.

On Hostile Ground. 2000.

Polar Storm. 2009.

Pompeii. 2014.

Post Impact. 2004.

Primeval. T.V. 2008.

Pterodactyl. 2005.

Quantum Apocalypse. 2010.

Sand Sharks. 2011.

Sharknado. 2013.

Sharknado 2. 2014.

Sink Hole. 2013.

Solar Attack. 2006.

Stonehenge Apocalypse. 2010.

Storm Cell. 2007.

Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister. 1998.

Supernova. 2005.

Super Cyclone. 2012.

Super Shark. 2011.

Tidal Wave. 2009.

Tornado. 1943.

Tornado! 1996.

Tornado: Der Zorn des Himmels. 2006.

Tornado Valley. 2009.

Tornado Warning. (Alien Tornado.) 2012.

Track of the Moon Beast. 1976.

Twister. 1989.

Twister. 1996.

Up Pompeii. 1971.

Volcano. 1997.

Volcano: Fire on the Mountain. 1997.

Volcano Girl. 2011.

Volcano Zombies. 2014.

Volcano Disaster. 2005.

Volcano Zombies. 2014.

Wyvern. 2009.

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Culbard, Ian, and Lovecraft, H.P.

At the Mountains of Madness

Dark Horse Comics

Turok: Son of Stone

Parker, Jeff and Lieber, Steve


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Alten, Steve

Meg: Origins

The Trench (MEG #2)

Primal Waters (MEG#3)

Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4)

Barsuglia, B. Luciano

The Midnight Sea

Brown, Robin


Conley, Paul


Dade, Tom

Quest for Megalodon: A Thrilling tale of Action, Adventure and Prehistoric Brutality

Loomis, C.M.

The Pacifica: A Reef Waters Adventure

Rex, Flash

Megalodon Lives

Captain Nemo vs. Megalodon

Rudd, Paul


Wilson, Charles


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Andrews, Sarah

Tensleep (Em Hansen Mystery 1)

A Fall in Denver (Em Hansen Mystery 2)

Mother Nature (Em Hansen Mystery 3)

Only Flesh and Bones (Em Hansen Mystery 4)

Bone Hunter (Em Hansen Mystery 5)

An Eye for Gold (Em Hansen Mystery 6)

Fault Line (Em Hansen Mystery 7)

Killer Dust (Em Hansen Mystery 8)

Earth Colors (Em Hansen Mystery 9)

Dead Dry (Em Hansen Mystery 10)

Rock Bottom (Em Hansen Mystery)

In Cold Pursuit (Valena Walker 1)

Barr, Nevada

Blind Descent

Gardner, Lisa

The Killing Hour

Giorello, Sibella

The Stones Cry Out (Raleigh Harmon Mystery 1)

Rivers Run Dry (Raleigh Harmon Mystery 2)

The Clouds Roll Away (Raleigh Harmon Mystery 3)

The Mountains Bow Down (Raleigh Harmon Mystery 4)

The Stars Shine Bright (Raleigh Harmon Mystery 5)




Jemisin, N.K.

The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth 1)

The Obelisk Gate (The Broken Earth 2)

The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth 3)

Johnson, Craig

Dry bones: a Walt Longmire mystery

Mercer, James W.

The Scrolls (Mark Malloy, geologist)

The Volcano that Changed the World (Mark Malloy, geologist)

Miller, Susan Cummins

Death Assemblage (Frankie MacFarlane Mysteries 1)

Detachment Fault (Frankie MacFarlane Mysteries 2)

Quarry (Frankie MacFarlane Mysteries 3)

Hoodoo (Frankie MacFarlane Mysteries 4)


Spencer-Fleming, Julia

A Fountain Filled with Blood

Winters, Ben

The Last Policeman (#1)

Countdown City (#2)

World of Trouble (#3)

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View selections on the Walter Geology Library's Pinterest page.

Atwood, Margaret

Stone Mattress

Bradbury, Ray

Dinosaur Tales

De Camp, L. Sprague

A Gun for Dinosaur

Frederick, Carl

We are the Cat

Jenkins, D. Graham

In the Shadow of Jerusalem

Resnick, Mike and Greenberg, Martin (eds.)

Return of the Dinosaurs

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Child, Lincoln

Terminal Freeze

Cran, Kenneth


Denzel, Justin

Hunt for the Last Cat

Gratacap, L.P.

A Woman of the Ice Age

Lindler, Cat

Starlight and Promises

Meikle, William

The Valley

Nayes, Alan


Ni, W.W.

Tophero: Son of Smilodon, Jungle Lord of the New Millennium

O'Brien, Patrick


Paddock, James


Sabre City

The Last Sabre

Rovin, Jeff


Sheldon, Roy

Two Days of Terror

Sterling, George

Babes in the Wood: The Saber-Tooth

Babes in the Wood: The Wrath of Lions

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Ball, Brian N.



Hickam, Homer


Robinson, Kim Stanley

Red Mars

Blue Mars

Green Mars

Weir, Andy

The Martian, a Novel

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Alten, Steve

The Shell Game

Bacigalupi, Paolo

The Water Knife

Brown, Dan

Deception Point

Buckell, Tobias S.

Arctic Rising

DuBrul, Jack

Vulcan's Forge (Philip Mercer, 1)

Charon's Landing (Philip Mercer, 2)

Medusa Stone (Philip Mercer, 3)

Pandora's Curse (Philip Mercer, 4)

River of Ruin (Philip Mercer, 5)

Deep Fire Rising (Philip Mercer, 6)

Havoc (Philip Mercer, 7)

Dwiggins, Toni

Quicksilver (Forensic Geology prequel)

Badwater (Forensic Geology 1)

Volcano Watch (Forensic Geology 2)

Gallagher, Dan

The Pleistocene Redemption

Gartner, John F.

Gem Greed

Hickam, Homer

Dinosaur Hunter

Hurtt, Howard A.

Double Drop

Kalb, Jon E.

The Gift

Magana, Sally and Quetzalcoatl

Lost Hope

Mercer, James W.

The Tsunami That Reshaped America (Mark Malloy, geologist)

Nance, John J.

Saving Cascadia

Perkins, Ronald D.

Currents of Deceit

Preston, Douglas J.

Tyrannosaur Canyon

Preston, Douglas J. and Child, Lincoln

The Ice Limit

Robinson, Jeremy

Antarktos Rising


Rollins, James


Tabor, James M.

The Deep Zone

Watkins, Claire Vaye

Gold fame citrus

Wefer, Fred L.

Where the Sun Don't Shine: An Underground Thriller

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Beauregard, Lynda and Mogorrón, Guillermo

The Hunt for Hidden Treasure: A Mystery about Rocks

Bloor, Edward


Cannon, Kevin

Journey along a field line

Chad, Jon

Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey through the Center of the Earth

Ciencin, Scott

Windchaser (Dinotopia #1)

Lost City (Dinotopia #4)

Thunder Falls (Dinotopia #6)

Sky Dance (Dinotopia #10)

Return to Lost City (Dinotopia #12)

Explorers, The (Dinotopia #14)

Survivor (Jurassic Park Adventures #1)

Prey (Jurassic Park Adventures #2)

Flyers (Jurassic Park Adventures #3)

I was a Teenage T. Rex (Dinoverse #1)

Teens Time Forgot (Dinoverse #2)

Raptor without a Cause (Dinoverse #3)

Please Don't Eat the Teacher! (Dinoverse #4)

Beverly Hills Brontosaurus (Dinoverse #5)

Dinosaurs Ate My Homework (Dinoverse #6)

Cole, Sheila

The Dragon in the Cliff: A Novel Based on the Life of Mary Anning

Day, Marie

Dragon in the Rocks: A Story Based on the Childhood of Early Paleontologist Mary Anning

Dixon, Franklin W.

The Secret of Wildcat Swamp

Emerson, Alice B.

Betty Gordon in the Land of Oil: The Farm That Was Worth A Fortune

Ewart, Claire


Gordon, Roderick and Williams, Brian

Tunnels (Tunnels 1)

Deeper (Tunnels 2)

Freefall (Tunnels 3)

Closer (Tunnels 4)

Spiral (Tunnels 5)

Terminal (Tunnels 6)

Horner, John R. and Gorman, James

Maia: A Dinosaur Grows Up

Hughes, Nigel C.

Monisha and the Stone Forest

King-Smith, Dick

Hogsel and Gruntel and Other Animal Stories

Lemish, John

Jeff Carson, Young Geologist

O'Malley, Kevin and O'Brien, Patrick

Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery

Oppel, Kenneth

Every Hidden Thing

Schachner, Judith Byron

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones

Stafford, Kevin W. and Majkowski, Lisa

The Mystery of Black Water Cave

Stone, Rex

Attack of the Tyrannosaurus

Charge of the Triceratops

March of the Ankylosaurus

Flight Of The Quetzalcoatlus

Catching the Velociraptor

Stampede of the Edmontosaurus

Swimming with the Plesiosaur

Saving the Stegosaurus

Tracking the Diplodocus

Escape from the Fierce Predator

Assault of the Friendly Fiends

Journey to the Ice Age

Cretaceous Chase

Snorkelling with the Saw Shark

Lost in the Jurassic

Flight of the Winged Serpent

Tracking the Gigantic Beast

Stampede of the Giant Reptiles

Catching the Speedy Thief

Swarm of the Fanged Lizards

Finding the Deceptive Dinosaur

Snatched by the Dawn Thief

Shadowing the Wolf-Face Reptiles

Stalking the Fanned Predator

Attack of the Lizard King

Charge of the Three-Horned Monster

March of the Armoured Beasts

Chasing the Tunnelling Trickster

Rampage of the Hungry Giants

Clash of the Monster Crocs

Hunted by the Insect Army

Haunting of the Ghost Runners

Saving the Scaly Beast

Taming the Battling Brutes

Big Adventure

Rescuing the Plated Lizard

Swimming with the Sea Monster

Awesome Adventure

Studdard, Jody

Escape from Dinosaur Planet

Wise, William

Dinosaurs Forever

Zoehfield, Kathleen Weidner

Fossil Fever


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