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Background Information

What is Background Information?

Background information provides a general overview of a research topic including important terms and concepts, relevant names of people or places, and dates of specific events.

These resources are especially helpful during the idea generation stage. Finding good background information on a general topic can help you turn that topic into a research question.

They will also help you determine what vocabulary and background concepts you will need to identify relevant peer-reviewed sources in the databases and identify more specific areas of your topic that you may want to research further.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Why use Google Scholar?

Google Scholar can help

  • Identify authors and journals related to your topic
  • Find scholarly works from a wide variety of sources
  • Find articles, books, theses, abstracts, conference proceedings and more
  • Locate content not found in a regular Google search

Tips: When you search Google Scholar from the libraries website, you will see the Find it at UT link to the right of the title. This will show you if UT Libraries has access to the full text of the article. Use the Cited by link in Google Scholar to see a list of articles that have cited this one.

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