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Using Technology in PCL


  • UTEID login. You will be prompted to refresh your login every 2 hours.
  • Be sure to save to UT Box, drive or another external location. Documents are not saved automatically or saved locally after you log off.
  • Software list

Media Lab and Data Lab Macs:


  • Stand-up scanners available in the lobby.  See the user guide.
  • A flat bed scanner is available in the PC lab. See the user guide.


  • A microfilm reader/scanner is available. See the user guide.

PCL Assistive Technology Workstation:

Using Technology Remotely

Access PCs and Media Lab, Data Lab, FAL and Foundry Macs remotely with your EID and DUO here:

See Technology FAQs for detailed information including how to connect and what software is available.

FAL Foundry Makerspace Software

Book a consultation for maker software available remotely. Book online with Boris Brodsky and visit the Foundry Canvas course for more information and tutorials.


Black and white and color printing:

Poster printing:

  • Large format printing, such as poster printing, is available. See this page for information about the service.

PCL Technology Help

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm

Email us

IM us (or text to IM: 512-543-2898)

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about PCs, Macs, printing, scanning, and the microfilm reader/scanner on the Technology FAQs page.

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