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I already left Austin. Can I mail in my books?

We do accept materials returns via mail.  See Renewing and Returning Items, Fines & Fees for more information about due dates and for the mailing address.

I returned my books and some or all are still showing up on my account as checked out to me. What should I do?

You don't need to take any action. A small number of library staff members are working on checking in returned materials. Because of the limited number of staff doing this work, and the quarantining of returned materials before check in, it will take a while to get all materials checked in.  Therefore, some returned materials may show up as checked in on your account while others still show up as checked out to you. Keep in mind that any item checked out to you will have a due date of September 8 (or August 31 for Interlibrary Loan) and there are no fines imposed for currently checked out Libraries items.

I am an instructor and I need something that is in print in the Libraries for my course. What can I do?

See the Access to Collections/Resources page for options.

When can I access library resources that are not available online?

Please see Reopening the Libraries.

I have a library bar and I need to register for classes.

Library bars will be temporarily lifted to enable registration for classes and reinstated at a later date.  

I have a library bar and I am graduating and need a transcript or copy of my diploma for employment or graduate school.

Library bars will be temporarily lifted to enable receipt of diplomas/transcript requests needed for employment or graduate school and reinstated at a later date.

I have fines and fees for books I checked out this semester (since January 1, 2020) that I still have.  What do I do?

All outstanding overdue fines and processing fees accrued since January 1, 2020 are being waived. This includes the processing fees on items checked out or renewed during the fall semester 2019 that were due before January 23, 2020 and billed for non-return. Only replacement charges have been left in place and when you are able to return the book, we will adjust those charges.

Fines and fees assessed before January 1, 2020 are not being waived.

For more information, see Renewing and Returning Items, Fines & Fees.

I am being fined and/or charged a replacement cost for a book that I know I returned.  What do I do?

When the Libraries move to Level 2, we will be able to resume our normal process for searching for books claimed returned and work with users on fines and fees. Watch this page on the guide to be alerted about when we move to Level 2.  At that time, we will update this FAQ with instructions on initiate the process.

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