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Renewing and Returning Items, Fines, Fees and Bars

Due Dates, Recall, Fines and Returns

  • Recalls and holds of library materials are available by using the Pick it Up link in the Library Catalog.
  • The exterior book return to the right of the front door of PCL and the book return at Pickle are open. All other book returns are locked. All UT Libraries materials and interlibrary loan materials should be returned to a book return. You may also return these items by mail. If you have left Austin and need to return your ILL items, please email
  • UT Libraries items checked out before the closure should have been renewed or returned by September 8. The due date for Interlibrary Loan materials was August 31st.
  • No fines were/will be levied from January 2020 through September 8, 2020.


I already left Austin. Can I mail in my books?

We do accept materials returns via mail.  See the Libraries mailing addresses on this page.

I returned my books and some or all are still showing up on my account as checked out to me. What should I do?

All materials are being quarantined before check in. They will still appear to be checked out to you during the quarantine period but no fines will be levied for materials in quarantine.

I have a library bar and I need to register for classes.

Library bars will be temporarily lifted to enable registration for classes and reinstated at a later date.  

I have a library bar and I am graduating and need a transcript or copy of my diploma for employment or graduate school.

Library bars will be temporarily lifted to enable receipt of diplomas/transcript requests needed for employment or graduate school and reinstated at a later date.

I have fines and fees for books I checked out this semester (since January 1, 2020) that I still have. What do I do?

All outstanding overdue fines and processing fees accrued from January 1, 2020 to September 8, 2020 are being waived. This includes the processing fees on items checked out or renewed during the fall semester 2019 that were due before January 23, 2020 and billed for non-return. Only replacement charges have been left in place and when you are able to return the book, we will adjust those charges.

Fines and fees assessed before January 1, 2020 are not being waived.

I am being fined and/or charged a replacement cost for a book that I know I returned.  What do I do?

Contact Borrower Services. Contact information is on this page.

Get Help

Information & Research Help: 

Borrowing & Library Account Help:

  • (512) 495-4300

UT Libraries Mailing Addresses

If you choose to mail in Libraries materials, keep in mind that you may not use campus mail to do so.  Addresses are:

US Mail:
Borrower Services Dept.
University of Texas Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin
101 E. 21st St. Stop S5460
Austin, TX 78712-1490

Expedited Mail Service (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.):
PCL Borrower Services
University of Texas Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin
101 E. 21st St., First Floor Dock
Austin, TX 78712

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