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Technology FAQs

Troubleshooting PCs and Macs

Can I use Zoom with my own device or on a Libraries computer?

Yes, you may. We encourage the use of your own headphones so as not to disturb other users, but they are not required. No headphones, microphones or cameras are available for check out at this time. Using Zoom on Libraries PCs and Macs differs as follows:

For PCs:

  • You will need to download the Zoom client by going to following the instructions on the screen to Join, Host, or Sign In.
  • PCs do not have built in cameras, microphones or speakers. You will need to bring your own headphone with speakers and a microphone. 3.5mm jack headphones, rather than USB headphones, are recommended.

For Macs:

  • You must use Zoom in the browser by going to and clicking Join from Browser. Attempting to download will trigger the admin login screen.
  • Macs have built in cameras and speakers, but no microphones. We encourage you to use a headphone/mic set as a courtesy to other users. 3.5mm jack headphones are recommended, rather than USB headphones.  

The computer is not allowing me to login and my EID is locked. What happened?

  1. The caps lock may be on. 

  1. There may be a space before the EID.

  1. Passwords are case sensitive.  

  1. If you tried to log on three or more times and your EID is locked, wait 15 to 20 minutes and it should automatically unlock.

How can I enable the right mouse button on the Macs? 

Pressing control + left click is equivalent to a right click on Mac mice. To enable it for long term use, please select: 

Apple Menu >>> System Preferences >>> Mouse, and enable secondary option.

My account, a software application or the computer froze. What do I do?

Press and hold the power button to manually shutdown. Then press the power button to wake it up. The PC power button is on the front and the Mac power button is on the back.

Note: You may lose all work on that computer in this case. Microsoft Office applications may do auto-recovery if you log back in right away. Be sure to save your work to an external drive or the cloud often. 

My computer seemed to turn off. What do I do? And did I lose all my files?

If the power button is still lit, it is probably a monitor issue.

  1. Check the monitor’s power cable to make sure it hasn't become loose or completely disconnected. The cable is behind the monitor on the right side.

  1. Check the monitor's display cable, (usually VGA or DVI). It is connected center rear of the monitor.

  2. Check the monitor’s display settings and restore to the default settings. The settings button is just above the monitor’s power button.

If the power button is not lit,  

  1. Check the PC’s power cable to make sure it is plugged into an outlet and also connected to the back of the PC. Once it is connected, press the power button to turn the PC back on.

If only the monitor shut down, your files should still be there. If the computer shut down, you may lose all work. Microsoft Office applications may do auto-recovery if you log back in right away. Be sure to save your work to an external drive or the cloud often. 

Troubleshooting Printing

Where are the printers?

  • Lobby - 2 b&w printer, 1 color printer
  • Windows Lab - 1 b&w printer, 1 color printer

Can I print from any computer?

You can print from any Mac or PC except for the Catalog Station in the lobby and the print release stations connected to the printer. For information about how to print, see the Printing section on this page.

I sent my print job but it isn't showing up on the print release station. 

You may have used a computer that someone else was still logged in on. You will need to log in using your own EID and resend your print job. 

The printer jammed but I already paid for my print job. What do I do?

Contact technical support (see the section on the upper right side of this page) for help. 

How do I print to ledger size?

See Ledger Printing instructions.

How do I print multiple PowerPoint slides on one page?

See instructions for printing multiple slides per page.

About Remote Access

How do I log in?

Logging in is a two step process. First you will use your UTEID and DUO to establish a connection to a specific library workstation. This connection uses Apache Guacamole. Once you've established your connection, you will use your UTEID to log into the workstation See these detailed instructions.   

What computers are available?

When you log in, you will choose a workstation from the menu of options.  

Are there time limits?

There are no time limits.However, for PCs, you must refresh your log in every two hours (you will be prompted to do so).

PCs logout automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity and Macs after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

How do I show the menu during the remote session?

To show the menu, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift on a PC, Ctrl+Option+Shift on a Mac, or swipe right on a mobile or touchscreen device. To hide the menu, use the same commands on a PC and Mac, or swipe left.

How do I copy and paste?

  • You can copy and paste from the host computer into the remote session by right clicking or using the menu.
  • You can copy and paste within the remote session by right clicking or using the menu. Command keys and the Control keys do not work in the remote session.
  • You cannot copy and paste from the remote session to your host computer.

How do I log out?

Logging out is a two step process. You must complete both steps to ensure the workstation is available for another user. First you will log out of the workstation, and then you will log out of the remote connection. Always choose logout rather than disconnect. See these detailed instructions.

About Scanning

What type of scanners are available?  

  • Five Zeutschel (stand up) scanners in the PCL Lobby: fast, intuitive, and can email without needing to logon to a computer. 
  • One flatbed scanner in the PCL Windows Lab : Log on to the connected PC. Scans take longer, but are of higher quality. 
  • One microfilm scanner in PCL Windows Lab 

Is printing from scanners available?

  • Zeutschel (stand up) scanners: print from the scanner directly, or scan and email first and print from a computer for more customization options. 

  • Flatbed and microfilm scanners: save the file and use File >>> Print.

What is the cost to scan?

All scanning is free, but printing from scans will costs the same as regular printing. 

Which scanner should I use if I wants to submit something for publishing?  

Use the flatbed scanner.  It can scan at up to 1200 DPI. 

The flatbed scanner is not working.

  1. Press the power button on the scanner to wake it up. The button will blink a few times and then remain blue.  

  1. If the scanning software is still not seeing the scanner, ensure the USB cable is connected to both the scanner and the PC.

  2. Check the power cable. 

Where should I place the book/document on the Zeutschel (stand up) scanner?

You can place the book or document anywhere on the scanner bed. 

PCL Technology Help

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm

Email us

IM us (or text to IM: 512-543-2898)

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About PCs and Macs

Who can use a computer? 

Users with an active EID can log onto any Windows computers in the lab and lobby. For Macs, users will need to be a student, staff or faculty member.  

What operating system are running on Windows and Macintosh computers? 

Windows 10 and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 

What size are the monitors/screens? 

Windows PCs are connected to single 24” Dell monitors. The iMacs have 27” screens. 

Is there a wheelchair accessible station?

Windows PC #200 in PCL Windows lab (PCL 2.200) is accessible to users in wheelchairs. 

The Assistive Technology workstation in PCL Windows lab (PCL 2.200) has a small widescreen TV as its monitor and special software such as NVDA, Kurzweil, etc.   

Is there a computer with a CD/DVD drive?

Windows computer #200 in PCL Windows lab (PCL 2.200), which is also accessible to users in wheelchairs, has a built in CD / DVD drive (write capable).   

How long can I use a computer?

There is no time limit.

  • On Windows PCs, a pop up will ask you to renew your credential every two hours.

  • On Macs, no renewal  is needed. 

If a computer is idle for 30 minutes, you are automatically logged out and all files are deleted.

Can the lab computers save user files for future use?  

No. The lab computers are set to delete all user files saved on them during logout (or soon after). We highly recommend that you save your files onto you own external drives or cloud services such as UT Box or GoogleDrive.

Microfilm and Photocopying

The microfilm scanner is not allowing me to rewind or move forward.
Check to make sure the reel is loaded properly Often the loaded reel is not pushed back all the way to allow it to scroll smoothly.  

Where can I scan a microfiche? 

Use the microfilm scanner to scan microfiche. Place the microfiche on the glass tray and pull or push manually to place the fiche under the lens. 

Is there a photocopier? 

There is no longer a photocopier available.  Printing from a scan is a good alternative.

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