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Marine Science

Fall Semester Course Materials

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Fall Semester Course Materials, August 25-December 15, 2021

MNS 481C. Marine Ecosystem Dynamics
Instructors: Buskey and Dunton

The Arctic climate system / Mark C. Serreze and Roger G. Barry, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2014.
QC 994.8 S475 2014 MSL  Ebook.

Biological oceanography / Charles B. Miller and Patricia A. Wheeler, 2nd ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.  
QH 541.5 S3 M55 2012 MSL  Ebook.

Coastal ecosystem processes / Daniel M. Alongi, Boca Raton : CRC Press, 1998.
QH 541.5 C65 A58 1998 MSL  Ebook.

Coral reefs : an ecosystem in transition / edited by Zvy Dubinsky and Noga Stambler, Springer Science, c2011.
QH 541.5 C7 C573 2011 MSL  Ebook

Dynamics of marine ecosystems : biological-physical interactions in the oceans, K.H. Mann and J.R.N. Lazier, 3rd ed., Blackwell Pub., 2006.
QH 541.5 S3 M25 2006 MSL  

Estuarine ecology / edited by John W. Day, Jr., et al., 2nd ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
QH 541.5 E8 E849 2013 MSL  Ebook.

Light and photosynthesis in aquatic ecosystems / John T.O. Kirk, 3rd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2011.
QK 882 K53 2011 MSL  Ebook.

Marine ecological processes / Ivan Valiela, 2nd ed., Springer, c1995.
QH 541.5 S3 V34 1995 MSL
3rd ed., revised, 2015.  Ebook, 2015. 

Ocean circulation / prepared by Angela Colling for the Course Team, 2nd ed., Butterworth Heinemann, in association with the Open University, 2001.
GC 228.5 O25 2001 MSL  Ebook.

Secrets of the tide : tide and tidal current analysis and applications, storm surges and sea level trends / John D. Boon, Horwood Pub., 2004.
GC 303 B66 2004 MSL  Ebook.

MNS 482C. Marine Biogeochemistry
Instructors: Liu and Lu

Aquatic chemistry : chemical equilibria and rates in natural waters / Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan, 3rd ed., Wiley, c1995.
GB 855 S78 1995 MSL  Ebook.

Chemical oceanography and the marine carbon cycle / Steven Emerson and John Hedges, Cambridge University Press, c2008.
GC 117 C37 E64 2008 MSL  Ebook.

Introduction to marine biogeochemistry / Susan Libes, 2nd ed., Elsevier/Academic, 2009.
GC 116 L53 2009 MSL  Ebook.

Ocean biogeochemical dynamics / Jorge L. Sarmiento and Nicolas Gruber, Princeton University Press, c2006.
GC 116 S27 2006 MSL  Ebook.

The oceans and marine geochemistry / edited by H. Elderfield, 1st ed., Elsevier Pergamon, 2006.
GC 116 O24 2006 MSL

Principles and applications of aquatic chemistry / Francois M.M. Morel and Janet G. Hering, rev. ed., Wiley, c1993.
GB 855 M67 1993 MSL

Principles of aquatic chemistry / Francois M.M. Morel, Wiley, c1983.
GB 855 M67 1983 MSL

Tracers in the sea / Wallace Smith Broecker and Tsung-hung Peng, Columbia University, 1982.
QE 516 B884 MSL

MNS 193. Topics in Marine Science: Marine Populations and Fisheries
Instructor: Fuiman

Fisheries biology, assessment and management, M. King, 2nd ed., Blackwell Publishing, 2007.
SH 328 K55 2007 MSL  Ebook.

Fishery science : the unique contributions of early life stages, edited by L.A. Fuiman and R.G. Werner, Blackwell Publishing, 2002.
QL 639.25 F57 2002 MSL  Ebook

A primer of population biology, E.O. Wilson and W.H. Bossert, 1st ed., Sinauer Associates, 1971.
QH 431 W493 MSL  No Ebook

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